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Beware Travelers Heading North Thru Ma On I-91

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Notice to anyone traveling north through Springfield on I-91... There was semi-truck carrying fuel that jacknifed on the Chicopee curve and exploded, setting the entire highway on fire and shutting down all trafffic traveling on 91 North. If you are going that way, I would recommend taking the Rt.5/57 (one of the first exits in MA) exit at the South end bridge and taking 5 north through West Springfield, then getting back on at the joint 90/91 entrance. DO NOT attempt to follow traffic through Holyoke, as it is an abortion of a rerouting and will result in delays of at least an hour if you're lucky. Good luck to anyone heading up to enjoy the pow- I'll be at K-ton Sunday morning for first chair! Be safe bears!
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That curve is a real(for lack of a better term) bear. Way way way too sharp. My wife and I came back from VT in September and came upon a semi on the rail...with punctured tanks. Scary stuff.

Good call on 57 to Rt 5. I'm sure Riverdale road will be a zoo this afternoon.
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oh for sure, but that corner is amazing on my bike at about 120, scraping my footpeg... Yeah I'm sure riverdale will be terrible, but try taking 391 to the end and working your way through Holyoke with all the other people from the highway- that's not even a good idea when you're the only person doing it.
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That corner was fun in my Jetta that I had put good suspension on back in the day...not so in my current Grand Cherokee.

You're 100% right. 391 will be 10x worse. It may be worth taking some backroads that parallel 5 and jumping on 91 up by the Holyoke Mall.
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I'm pretty sure there's no way to get there clean, so just roll yourself a nice spliff and take your time so you don't drown in the Riverdale traffic
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LOL! I'm in my early 30's now. The only thing I do that's somewhat remotely like that is licking the envelope we use to send our mortgage payment in.

Getting older is great. I now get pissed at teenagers who drive down the street too fast. *sigh*
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Oh, I remember that curve from my college days in Springfield -- pretty freaking sharp for highway speeds, and everybody ignores the speed limit signs.
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HAHAHAHAHA I can just see you now, shaking your wooden cane out the window, yelling all scooby-doo style "You damn kids!" HAHAHAHAHA... You should be careful though- licking envelopes can be far more dangerous than smoking! (Enter Seinfeld music)
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