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Fischer WC SL SKI

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I just bought these racing skis, and took them for the test last weekend to Lutsen. Skis are leally fast, but after 3 days of hard carving, and skiing bumps I noticed some damage to the plastic covering on the top of the skis. Is this normal? should I use this skis on the moguls? Also the bindings FR 17 have din setings 10-20, and set at 10 right now; I am probably level 6-7 skier, and planning to do some racing next year, and going for the level 2 PSIA certification next year. Is this binding settings too dangerous for me? Thanks for any advices.
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It's weird you have damage to the topsheet from anything but hitting slalom gates. That doesn't seem normal; it may not necessarily be from your skiing.

As far as dins go...what's your height/weight? Do you ski fast? How old are you/do you have lingering injuries? The best way to figure out if your dins are right is to see if they're coming off a lot when you don't want them to (e.g. you just step out of the ski mid-turn), or not coming off when you'd really like them to. One thing I've heard is not to put the setting at the lowest or highest possible, so actually you might be better off at 10.5-11.

I'm 185 lbs and I have my slalom skis at 12, and that seems about right for me, so I doubt you're way far off, and since you can't go lower I wouldn't sweat it.

As far as moguls go...if you have fun skiing them in moguls, go for it. Slalom skis tend to be a little stiff for moguls, but Lutsen tends to have weird moguls anyway.
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Thanks for your response, I am 175lb, 5.10. 49 years old, but feel like 25, no injuries(so far) I do a lot of different sports. Some peopple on the ski patrol said that it can be too dangerous if I'll go through bad fall and skis will not go off... But I guess the onli way to check if this is thrue, is to keep testing them. What kind of slalom skis you have? Sasha
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I can't comment specifically about the SL skis, but I have a pair of GS skis which I have used about 15 days (no moguls with them) this year and they look brand new with very few nicks here and there. I'm wondering if there is a problem with your particular pair.

As far as the DIN, I'm no expert, I'm just going to tell you what mine are set at and you can go from there. I'm 5'9", 185#, 46 years old, boot sole 295mm (2 sizes smaller than my street shoes), and my DINs are set at 8. My level, I'm a gold/platinum on a NASTAR course ( GS skis after all ). I've skied some pretty rutted courses and the skis have never released yet.
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Well my thoughts on dins are that basically if they are too high you risk injury due to not releasing, too low you risk injury to releasing too easily. Even at the right settings you can still get injured either way. The best setting is probably when these probabilities are 50/50. If you're a few points too high, I don't think the risk goes up by leaps and bounds--the danger will be biased to not releasing, but on the other hand you have less risk from the ski releasing too easily. At the end of the day skiing is, quite simply, a dangerous sport though--dins just help lessen the risk.

But yeah, you may be a little better off with a din between 7 and 9 (enough to justify buying new bindings? hard to say). But this depends on how fast you ski; if you're really carving (watch local racers to see what I mean) at fairly high speeds all the way down the steepest runs of Eagle mtn, a setting of 10 would be reasonable. But hopefully some people with more experience on these things will chime in.

I have the 07 race stock Atomic SL-12s.
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I don't know about the plastic covering. Doesn't sound right, but what do I know?

I do however know that taking race skis through moguls is a bad idea because theyre stiff and 1.) will bend easily and 2.) will not be good for moguls.

The DIN might be too high, it depends on your height and weight, etc.
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Originally Posted by Minnesota View Post
should I use this skis on the moguls?
A picture of the damage would help to answer your question.

My everyday ski is a "race stock" SL and I ski bumps all the time on them.
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