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got back from trip to zillertal 02/16-23

flew to munich drove to austria

got app thu interhome

first: a car: going to austria from germany don't need any special permission. stcikers to use highway in austra (vignette) could be bought at any gas station. retrooms/bars along autobahnsvercrowded, some in bad shape:many people just parking on the curbs and eating in the cars

winter tires a necesity, chains as well. got mercedes c brand new turbodiesel;phenomenal mileage.

traveling: maps are not that great, recommended study the map before driving.

zillertal: long vallley, several ski towns along one road: ski maps are not very intuitive. liked the magnetic card system:the pass is in your pocket and the gate has a reader which reads it without taking it out.

some lines to the lifts and, even if the lines were like 1-2 min , people (usualy german-speaking) still trying to cut barely existing lines........ stppeing on the tail of your skiis all the time (hear italy is worse).

some of the ski towns are not covered by snow very much: many places we took a gondola and from the top of the base gondola there were many lifts to choose from: by the end of the day gondola again.

terrain from beginners to advanced: to find true expert' we just went off piste and it was fine .

famous slope "harakiri" 70 % slope, just short and OK: supposely the steepest slope in austria.

hintertux: on glacier our favorite place. nnice off piste huge mnt.

food very good and not expensive at all. some supermarkets but be carefull during wekends:short hours of operation!!

credit cards: not everywhere accepted. have some euros in hand

nice week, but better value in the usa or canada.........
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I used to live near Nuernberg and we used to do day trips to Hintertux when we couldn't scrape together the $30 a decent hotel cost. Had to have beer money for the huge lodge at the base of the glacier....

I loved Hintertux. I've had more powder days there than any place I've skied. The views are phenomenal and it is by far the steepest glacier skiing I saw in Austria. We used to ski our butts off until about 2 pm, head into the lodge at the base of the glacier (I think it's at about 9,000 ft.) and then eat and drink ourselves stupid. We'd usually take the gondolas down...yes, 2 gondolas to get down from there...and they're long ones too.

On the people cutting the line and stepping on your skis....they think you're an idiot if you aren't pushing the person in front of you. You may have experienced the same in the supermarkets. They're not being rude...it's just the way they operate.
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