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San Marco silicon injected liners

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I'm interested in any info on the silicon injected liners made by San Marco a few years back. I have a pair of TR2 Race boots with these liners,(un-injected for want of a better term) and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on alternative substances to use in these liners as I assume the original substance and process are no longer available. I'm willing to experiment a little as the boots were a bargain. I've tried a days skiing in them as-is and they ski great and I would really like to dial the fit. Any snippetts of info would be appreciated.
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now it depends on whether the liner was a full silicon inject or just a couple of pockets, you may find a dealer who sold the old style zip fit may have some silicon left [probably out of date but it should work, just takes longer ot cure] it is a two part silicon [ i think it was dental quality] but whatever you inject you need to make sure the foot is well supported on a good footbed and that you stand still until the silicon cures, to check this, put a small amount of the silicon on a peice of paper after you have injected the boot, as you do this after the boot injection when that silicon is cured you cna be sure the stuff in the boot is also cooked

good luck

if all else fails bin the liner and get an intuition or zip fit
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The San Marco injectable system used a two part silicone with a pneumatic injector. The silicone cured in about 15 to 20 minutes and was more of a self leveling silicone as opposed to a silicone that has a higher viscosity. When injecting, the rear tubes are first, then the tongue. As opposed to using the silicone as a filler, the silicone would "soak" into the foam used in the liner and help to "lock in" the shape of your foot. Not to say that it couldn't be used as a filler, as if you were crafty, you could re-inject and add additional.
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HOME DEPOT . Get some silicone caulk!
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Is there any reason that current Zipfit cork cannot be injected instead?

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good point lou, if the material being injected is going into a void pocket in the liner i can't see a reason why not, if however it is going to impregnate an open cell foam then maybe not
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Thanks, as usual, for all the ideas and advice guys. My immediate thought was along hardware-store-caulking-gun lines but I was assuming the cure time would be too long to reasonably allow me to stay awake during the process. I was gratified to see Lou wondering if Zip Fit cork would do the job as this was my second plan of attack. The liners feel as though they have some reasonable voids to fill but short of taking them apart to see the innards this is just an educated guess. Thanks again for the info and hopefully I'll have some good news to report back. Roll on August!thats mid-winter down here)
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I've been selling Zips for years but never dissected one, until yesterday. The flo pouch is divided into smaller pockets, I assume to reduce sagging of the cork over time.

If the San Marco pockets are large open voids there may be a problem.

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The San Marco liner has large open voids.

Also, for anyone thinking about using hardware store silicone, be careful as the silicone sealant is not rated to be used next to/near skin. Also, the cure times are not applicable. There are silicones used in the
prosthetic/orthotic/pedorthic fields that would be more suited for this trial application.
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Thanks for the comment about the use of silicone next to the skin. I hadn't really thought about it but imagine it could cause problems that I had never considered.

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