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But why did Klammer earn the name?

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whaa duuhhde?

quien gave ya the brobra 411, eh.
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Klammer earned the name well before his iconic run at Innsbruck in the 76 games. He, I believe, has still won more WC downhills than anyone, as much as swept a few seasons.
My favorite story...A young Irishman, on his way up DH points stopped the Kaiser (king) inside the starthaus at the Strief for a training run. "It is an honour to run just before you Mr. Klammer"! His reply,"don't sscreww ap ze track!"
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Yipee! Champagne, Everybody!
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I raise my Glass of Livingston Syrah to you Pierre eh!
This stuff reminds me of south Rhone wines.. Yum....
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PHANTOM DRAG - A dead cross-dresser, puffing on a doobie.

PHANTOM MOVE - When Scooby Doo and his gang chase the villian out of the house.<FONT size="1">

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RUBs -(n.) 1. Rich Urbans Bikers -
>>fat, overweight executives can have the same appetites as skinny, hungry foremen? I'm a Beemer fan myself (R60/5), but some of the retired executives I ski with like to ride their Harleys to the harbor to take their yachts out for a ride around the bay.<<

2. HOG (Harley Owners Group) members, whose leathers never seem to look worn.
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