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My quiver has evolved over the past season and I'm shedding excess and trying to be honest about how many skis I need to own. I have a deal with my wife that I can own 3 pairs at one time but I must sell one pair before buying my next. My quiver has gotten progressively wider such that I must sell the Legend 8k. Its kind of like selling my first born. This ski (previous models as well) really got me back into skiing hard-core and exposed me to ever-wider skis.

These particular skis were skied on 3 times this season. They have super-light Salomon Z-12 ti bindings on them. My boot sole length is 317mm. They are in pristine conditions as skied them on soft snow days in UT. I will post pix tonight or tomorrow so you can check for yourself. The ski is well discussed here but it is an easy going expert ski that is 50/50 mix of piste and off piste does everything well. I'm asking $400 for the entire set up and will consider all reasonable offers.

Let me know. Happy skiing and don't anyone dare say the season is over...I have at least 2 more long weekends to go. Trying to get to 30 days this season.