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Fair price for Mantra demo's?

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I was up at Stowe this past weekend and stopped by the demo building near the quad just to check out what kind of late season deals were there.

I ended up buying Mantra 184 for 337.00 total(sans demo bindings). They are in good shape although not pristine and being on the east coast I won't be using them all that much.

What do you think of that deal, the other ski I was looking at was the Mythic Rider and they were 550 and he wouldn't sell them without the demo binding.
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Demo Skis

Alta is selling all their 07-08 demo skis for $299 including the Mantras. They've had nothing but snow all season, so I can't imagine they would be very scratched up. My friend demoed Mantras when we were there in February and they were in very good condition.
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Seems a bit high to me considering they are demos (which typically get beat on) without bindings but it really depends upon the condition. If they are in good shape, you're fine.
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I got a pair of mew 06-07s at the beginning of this season for $389. I'd say if you had waited until the beginning of next season, you could have gotten a new pair for slightly more than what you paid.
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Don't sweat it, it's not a bad deal. We usually sell them at around $450 with bindings in the fall. Have fun on them.
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That is a good deal. Sure there are better deals out there but you have to take into consideration how much time you want to spend trying to save $50.
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You really can't compare one demo ski to another based purely on cost. Demo bindings vary, some are better than others. Demo skis should be tuned almost every time they go out, some shops will touch up the edges and wax, some will do a 'full tune' including base grind... that can mean that a ski that has been demoed 25 times is pretty much toast.

A ski that has been ridden hard and put away wet all season isn't worth as much as a ski that's been gathering dust in a corner. Mileage matters.

On a personal level, I'd avoid 'popular brands/ models' in the most popular lengths if I was shopping for a demo deal.
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