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New Lange boots

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I'm thinking to replace my old Lange boats with new ones

so far my choice Fluid 80 or 90 2007 or 2008 and 2006 Comp 100. Nobody locally have this models

what is the difference between fluid and comp?
how important 2mm in width difference between 98 mm in WC and 100 mm in other models?
so far I triedonly World Cup 120 in Ski Market store and they are feels very comfortable/slightly tight but I'm not sure if racing boots for me.
also important factor Fluid and Comp priced affordable under $200

by description on Internet Fluid or Comp should be OK for me .... then again this is will be my first new boots
Tried boots of other manufacturers and they are do not feel the same as Lange.
In 2 local small ski shops boot fitters told me about the same "if Lange boot fit's on you definitely go for Lange"

please help me.
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fluids and the comp 100 don't fit the same (usually, for most people)

comps are narrower in the forfoot, and lower instep.

the WC fit is also not the same as the comp fit. (WC is narrower still)

I'm not really sure what you are asking, sorry
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