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Miller Ski Experts....

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How many model skis were originally made? Only the "Soft" or were there others too?

I thought there was only one "mold" for all his early skis.....
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Miller Softs were race stock compared to Molnar Greens.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Miller Softs were race stock compared to Molnar Greens.
Oh, so true.

*Bounces up and down on 'em like on diving boards*
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The ones in question have a white top sheet with a tapering darkblue/black center graghic. "MILLER" along the length up front and "Fiberglass" on the back. They do NOT have the word "Soft" on them.
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Will pictures help?

The first two are the ones I am familar with.....the bottom pic are the skis in question.

So again, does anyone know if these are a model other than the "soft" or just different graphics.....
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Not that the picture resizing isn't a factor, but are they all the same dimensions? If so, I'd simply bend the tips and tails and compare them if you have possesion of them. If they feel the same they probably are. If not, you have absolute proof that they are at least two different models.
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I would but...

That is a great idea, however I only have the one pair of Millers so I can't get the comparitive data points!

Since the others so proudly display the word SOFT on them I can only guess one of two possibilities.

Either they were the first or a very early version


They are simply a different model ski in the Miller line (if indeed he made others).
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I've a pair of the black ones with the white center, imagine the light blue ones with about 2 inches more camber. They have exactly 6 runs on them, certainly not decambered.

Devise a test for yours

( 2 2x6s 3 feet apart, put a weight scale on top then measure to flat?)

and I'll repeat it on mine.
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My dad had a pair of Millers circa 1971 or 72 that he purchased through the National Ski Patrol. As I recall, those skis had a metal top sheet and were solid red tip to tail other than where they were engraved. He really liked those skis. We also had some poles from Miller. The first ones I saw with strapless grips. Very light and well balanced.

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