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Why are you attending ESA Big Sky?

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This ESA I am going as a student, which I find very exciting. I anticipate getting the best training I have ever had, and I have had some outstanding training over the many years I have been a ski instructor.

I've been dealing with some emotional issues of separation and loss (life passages stuff) that make a day with Mermer sound like just what the shrink ordered.

I want to know more about Weems's concept of the platform in skiing. I want to observe him use the sports diamond in action.

I want to have Squatty Schuler tell me what's "not it" in my skiing.

I am keen to spend a day with Bob Barnes and soak up some of his wisdom on technique. I have been feeling woefully uninspired with analyzing ski technique of late, which could be due to my emotional state, which has me focused on the psychological ramifications of skiing rather than the physical ones.

That's how I would answer the question of why I am attending--I'm curious to know your answer.
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Many reasons to attend Big Sky:

1) To ski -- I live in Delaware, so I have to get out of my local area to get any skiing done, so I'm always looking for an excuse.

2) To get to know some bears and meet some new skiing partners - I'm more of a lurking personality type, so though I've been around this site for about a year or so, I'm never going to get anywhere near the post count of some of you folks... again, i live in Delaware, so my skiing partners are rather limited - I have maybe two or three local friends who ride, and they're pennsylvania blue square cruisers. My brother was my skiing partner, but he moved to California, which gives me a great excuse for a Tahoe trip from time to time, but no one to push me locally.

3) To improve my skiing -- I haven't had a formal lesson since I moved away from PA, left my tiny-hill instruction job, and lost the free clinic opportunities. Skiing in Chile this year, I got some fantastic informal feedback from my guides, but I know I've gotten lazy in a lot of ways. I've also never seen myself ski -- the Video analysis both scares me and intrigues me -- In my mind I'm a titan, let' s see what I actually look like

4) To check out Big Sky -- never been to Montana before.
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If were in the same class I can't promise that I won't throw snowballs from the back row...(Hmmm if Mermeer is the teacher will I be "afraid" to throw them? Maybe she can help me with that.)

I always want to do an esa. For the instruction and for the great people that go there.

Very excited to have Bob Barnes as coach. Especially since groups are very small. Technical talks on lift and simple explanations and demos. Free skiing with him is like skiing with a 12 year old. It's great, a lot of fun, can be dangerous at times for staying upright..

Same with Weems, more for his philosophical approach.

Not so sure about Mermeer...I don't know..I'm afraid to think about it.

Then there's Big Sky. Definitely want to go there. I here it's well, BIG. Love Montana even though I've only spent a few days there 20 years ago. Want to see a ski area that has gun racks on the chairlifts. (oh..that's rumor?)
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They don't call that run Elk Park Meadows for nuthin'. And wait'll you ski Africa!
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It's primarily a "If you don't do it this year you'll be a year older when you do" issue for 60 yr old me. I live in the mid-south and started skiing in my 30's. 10 days a year on the slopes is sometimes all I can get. A few years I've had more days, but not many. I bought a place in Big Sky recently and hope to spend more time there in years to come.
The better I ski the more I'll enjoy it so to get better I need instruction and advice. Since I just bought the place in BS and there is an ESA there this year it seemed like a natural.
A second but also strong motive is to meet some of the people who post regularly on this forum. Epic is a source of connection with the ski scene when I'm "stuck" in the sunny south. It will be a pleasure to put some faces with some names and hopefully make some friends. It's of particular interest since several of the organizers are from Big Sky.
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