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International shipping...

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Hey as season is drawing to a close I am starting to try figure out how I can get my significantly larger pile of gear back home to New Zealand.
What started as one pair of skis is now 3 and 2 snowboards....
far more than can be manged on airline allowances which were almost maxed out on trip over in December.
Just wondering if anyone had any tips on the best methods/companys to send oversize freight internationally, time is no issue, just price, for say 2 boards sans bindings and two pairs skis with bindings......
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Where are you?

Generally speaking just check the national and standard commercial carriers (UPS, DHL, FedEx). Two pairs of skis and two snowboards doesn't justify any special freight handling unless you have a pallet of other items to ship. Just take some measurements and use the online shipping calculators.

You might also want to consider unmounting the bindings since weight will likely be the main cost factor rather than size.
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oh yeah i left that out, In Tahoe....
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once you get a price from the shipping company, suggest you compare it with excess baggage prices. You are allow 2 pieces home to NZ each up to 24 kg, so thats 48kg total. Maybe buy a bigger ski bag?

If you have to catch a domestic in NZ make sure you check your bags all the way through, I got caught out in AKL once cause I had not checked right through, and I had a separate domestic ticket home to Dunedin. So ended up on the 20kg baggage rule and had to pay excess of $75.
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We have had inquires for NZ about shipping skis there from Denver and found that the shipping prices are way to steep. It's been several months since we last checked but I think shipping with the major carriers was in the $200 dollar range+ for a ski weighing 15 pounds and is 72cm long.
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