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It is now law

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A new law has been made effective in Italy; it effects skiers.
Few key point:
-Mandatory ski helmets for kids younger than 14 y.o.
-Resort must reserve pistes for boarders (i.e. boarders and
skiers will be separated), said runs must be clearly indicated.
-Skinners are now forbidden to climb mountains using the groomerd runs (pistes), but are allowed on the sides.
There is more, but I'd like to comment on these three point.
I agree on mandatory helmets for young kids, measure put in place to protect them from the grown ups, rather than from themselves. Only thing, I am really worried how the helmet prices will now skyrocket.
To separate boarders and skiers, this I do not agree upon.
This is a wrong preconception, segregation never worked in the past, and this, in many, less educated people will equate to: "let's separate the good ones from the bad ones".
Which is unture and unjust to both categories.
I am sure that this measure will be the least enforced of the whole law.
Don't see what's the point of the third measure. Always, in the past, skinners used to climb the groomers to reach the open fields out-of-bounds, never remember an accident involving a climbing skinner and a descending skier. Skinners are usually very carefull and competent (after all, to be uncautios means sever injuries and oftentimes death, out there).
Unless, resorts managers wrere unhappy having non-paying people exploiting their expensively groomed runs (after all, he who climbs, descends too)...but this too it's relative, many used a mix, buy their lift passage to the top, then skin from there.
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Are you saying that effectively immediately all Italian resorts must have separate runs for skiers and snowboarders? It seems that one would need a lot of planning to get this in place.
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making another law is never a good solution; it just creats new problems.
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ryel's correct...

fix the behavior, then the "new law" becomes irrelevant

reminds me of the fugly new billboard signs I see driving to Club LT and back...

"Ravalli County is tough on DUI"

"No open containers allowed in Ravalli County - we're tough on DUI"

if Ravalli County really were tough on DUI, it wouldn't need to say so in a billboard... right?

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Segregating skiers and snowboarders is such a 1990s idea? It's beyond stupid.

Matteo, I hope you did not vote for any of these boneheads who created this legislation.
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reminds me of the fugly new billboard signs I see driving to Club LT and back...

"Ravalli County is tough on DUI"

"No open containers allowed in Ravalli County - we're tough on DUI"

if Ravalli County really were tough on DUI, it wouldn't need to say so in a ..
Gotta love a state that continues to pass tougher laws while continually underfunding the justice system so they can't be enforced....billboards must be cheaper than cops and jail space.
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Originally posted by Matteo:
[QB]I agree on mandatory helmets for young kids, measure put in place to protect them from the grown ups, rather than from themselves.QB]

I K.O.'ed by a 9 year old girl in a helmet. She streaked by me and got me right under the chin. I skied the rest of the way down but don't remember it. I remember right after the accident, and some other bits and pieces but not the impact or the trip down. Patrol was called by I got away before they got there (everyone was checking on the girl who was totally fine). Funny thing was I left my helmet in my locker that day. I still don't think it would have helped me, unless it was a full on BMX style with a chin gaurd....
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TomB, I hope that they have put a date by which the resorts will have to comply with said law.
Gonzo, I agree with you, doesn't matter what someone is strapped into, be an attack jet, a liner, a board, two boards...
It's their brain, which dictates their behaviour, that makes the difference.
WVS, I did, and I now regret it. It's a stigma I'll have to bear forever...but I can make amend pretty soon, if they do not change track.
With all the things that are most urgent and important, our parliament has spent don't know how many months discussing this law.
Rumors about a possible law started last spring...
I'll report how it's gone at the end of the season.
I guess it will be a case of:"make some changes so that nothing will change" (that's a line from the Gattopardo, a movie from Luchino Visconti on Sicily in 1860-61, the time when modern Italy was born, and the powerful Sicilian Aristocracy had to decide whether to accept the new King or not. Don't know if the movie ever made the US..)

What's Ravalli County? It looks strangely similar to Italy.
We've got tons of laws, some are dating back to the late 1800 and still effective. But we've got too few officers to enforce them. It's not the totally the people fault, though, I know that the Law does not accept ignorance, but, hey, there are simply too many laws, and many are contradicting each other...
I guess that "tutto il mondo e' paese" (everywhere you go, it's the same)

[ December 30, 2003, 02:59 AM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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Ravalli County is the County through which the Bitterroot River and its East & West Forks run. It is home to the Bitterroot Mountains, the Sapphire Mountains, Skalkaho Pass, Trapper Peak, St Mary's Peak, and many other geographic landmarks.

It is located on the western side of the state, in the southern half.

The town of Darby MT is in Ravalli County. It's been lampooned many times on David Letterman's show... the town where the sheriff is militant about enforcing his 25mph speed limit.

Many custom log house makers are sited in Ravalli County.

The Bitterroot Valley is fertile land, and there are many ranches and farms throughout the County.

But tomato sauces, pastas, white sauces, seafood... ?

not unless you eat at Marie's in Florence, MT (which is definitely good, fresh, tasty food for a VERY reasonable price). [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

[ December 30, 2003, 01:56 PM: Message edited by: gonzostrike ]
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Matteo -

Ravalli County was named after an Italian priest that moved to the area in 1845. Sadly, Montana hasn't had a large influx of Italians since the early 1900s....its hard to find decent Italian food in this state.
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Thanks Gonz & Rio
Sounds a place to come and open an Italian restaurant then....
If only I knew how to cook. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ok, I got what seems the law text (the official text will have to be published on the "Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Itliana", maybe it has already been).
Helmets will have to be worn by under 14 starting Jan 1st 2005.

Here is the link:

For those who can read Italian.

And, haha! In there it is speficied that Snowparks must be separated from the runs and not that skiers and boarders must be separated on the mountain, but that, for security reasons, snowboarders and skiers can be separated. The decision is not to be taken by the resorts, but by the Regions (a Region is an entity akin to an American State).
The difference is subtle but important to me. Don't you think?
Also, all skiers/boarders playing in the snowparks must wear an helmet, regardless of their age.
Strangely enought, there's a hole here, IMHO, it doesn't say if Skiers and Snowboarders must play in different snowparks, or if they will use the same one at the same time.

Mmmh, the more I dig, the more I fear that this law will be a failure...
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