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Half-size difference

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Could someone please explain the difference between a size 28.5 and a 28.0 boot when the shell size is the same? In the shop, the 28.5 feels comfortably snug, but I worry that the boot will become loose after a few days of hard skiing.

Thanks for the help.
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Usually the 28.0 and the 28.5 share the same shell and liner, but the 28.0 footbed is thicker.
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Thanks for the super-fast response. By "footbed" are you referring to the liner or the "structural" bed of the boot? In other words, could I/should I purchase the snugger 28.0's and if they wind up being too tight, just replace the liner with a thinner custom liner?

Thanks and Regards
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In most brands and models, there is no difference in a 28.0 and 28.5. If you are taking out the stock sock liner and replacing it with a custom footbed or trim to fit footbed, there will be no difference in the snugness of one vesus the other.

For the business to be profitable for the boot companies, they build the fewest number of shells and parts of shells. Mondo point sizing allowed the boot companies to reduce the number of lower shell and upper cuff molds to make a size run. There was a time when there were differences in liners and insoles, but that has slowly gone away.
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Thank you for the responses. So, would I be safe to replace my Salomon X-wave's in 28.0 with Salomon Impact's in 28.5 assuming I get the custom footbeds? The Salomon boots fit me well, in general. BTW, the original 28's were "prescribed" by a boot fitter.

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the fit is a little different but the size [in theory] should be fine in 28/28.5

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1) both the 28.0 and 28.5 will feel the same after 10 days of use, both will pack out to be about the same.

2) A lot of people have dropped a shell size going from the wave to the impact. might want to shell fit the 27 shell (again the 27.5 and 27.0 are the same shell and will packout to be the same fit)
I went from a 25 wave, and 25 falcon, to a 24 impact. (8.5 shoe)
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