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Question on skis

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after lurking this forum for quite a while, I must post the ever typical first question, i.e. advice on buying a pair of new skis.

After spending the last 5 years out of snowy countries, I'm back to "civilization" now. My Salomon X-Scream served me well a couple of seasons when they were brand new, but it's high time I updated now that I'll be back in the slopes on a regular basis. My preference is easily skiing among trees, with as much powder as possible. I like the narly natural terrain obstacles in there, plus... the snow here in Sweden tends to be much better in there compared to if you go heli or hike into the backcountry. If that's not an option, hiking is usually the first option, followed by moguls if there are any good runs that aren't too crowded. It goes without saying that I'm a huge fan of very steep hills - anything that makes a run more challenging, really. There was a time when GS turns was my thing, but it's just not the same fun anymore and the X-Screams didn't help in that regard either since they aren't the best for that stuff. Some ppl have been riding me about going all out carving, but while I do understand that might be fun if nothing else is available on a particular day/location, it's just not quite what I long for or what makes me drive 10 hours to do...

A bit about my skiing
I will be demoing as much as I can until this season is over, but am looking to pick up one pair. I guess they need to be decent in the groomed stuff, but it's among trees, in soft to windpacked snow, and in moguls that I will be spending the absolute majority of my time. I'm 6 feet tall (180 cm), and I'm guessing 170-180 lbs (80 kg, give or take a few). I wouldn't say I'm an aggressive rider (except in groomed conditions), but since I love it among the trees (and rocks) I do need to be able to vary tempo easily.

My initial alternatives
Scott Santiago Pure
Scott Mission
Head Monster 88
Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider
Völkl Mantra

The middle three (Mission, 88s and Mythic) represent the safer bet I guess, but I don't want to go half the distance if I don't have to, and I've heard nothing but good things about the Pure (except that there are few who carry them outside the EU) and the Mantra. Any comments, experiences, advice, other skis to consider, etc would be much appreciated. I'll be starting my demo tour as soon as I have a shortlist I believe in and can find places that are willing to let me demo them, so it's to make this shortlist that I'm asking for help.
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I personally am using skis 98mm underfoot. I'd stick with something 90+ mm underfoot if I were you. That's my personal opinion. :-)

Ski construction has come a long way since X-Screams, which I used to have myself--- the yellow ones. They have some sweet 90+mm waist skis which still can hold on groomers pretty well, while allowing you to shred everything else when there's more snow.

I think the float you lose by being a centimeter narrower is not made up for by whatever performance increase you get in non-pow situations.

I didn't look up the stats on all the skis you mentioned, but the Mantras look good to me. 94mm underfoot and they have a fairly short sidecut radius, which I like.

If you can find a pair or 2007 Mantras for cheap, grab em!

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Personal opinions are welcome. I will be demoing also, so I'll see if I agree then.

Yeah, it's the yellow ones I have also. Over Easter, I didn't have any problems keeping up in any terrain with those on more modern skis, but I don't doubt that I could get even more out of new skis myself. I suspect I have to work a bit more to go through the windbeaten snow than some of the others...

To clarify, I prefer a fairly nimble ski as I've never been a powerhouse skier. On that note, I see positive things about the Gotama also, but while the wider skis look awesome for windpacked snow and powder, I worry that they aren't as nimble as I would like them. Anyone want to share experiences of them vs the above?
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