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Too much ski for me?

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I'm a fairly aggressive, 52 yo female skier, about 5'1" and 120 lbs. I've skied one or two western US vacations for the past 7 years, which is when I first started to ski. Currently I'm on Volkl AC-2's at 149 cm- and I like them a lot. But on a trip to Utah, they were outmatched in mid-thigh powder (I'm just starting to "get" powder skiing- just not much opportunity to ski the deeper stuff). Last year I had demo'd the Volkl AC-3 in 156, which felt too heavy and stiff for me. I'm fine with all blues and some blacks. Trees intimidate me unless they're fairly open. I don't do bumps much at all- I like carving and would like to do some more off-piste terrain. I'm thinking of addinig a powder ski to the mix, and I've seen good deals on the following skis:
Atomic Sugar Daddy in 153 or 163
Dynastar Legend 8800's in 158.
Are these skis too advanced or stiff for an intermediate like me? Would they be manageable on the groomed or packed snow? Thanks for any replies.
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Dynastar doesn't make the 8800 anymore, it has been replaced by the Mythic Rider, I love mine, but it may be too much for 120 lbs. I would check out the deals Sierra Jim has on the Legend Exclusive's and Legend Exclusive Powder's. Both are women specific versions of the Dynastar Legend line, he also has the bindings to go with them.


And, if it matters, they are about the best looking skis out there.
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I don't have any real input, but thought I'd also point you toward the "sister" board, The Ski Diva, which has a lot of women who would be more than willing to share their opinions . My wife seems to like the vibe over there.
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