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Marker Binding - Mismatched set

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I've recently picked up a set of bindings off of a pair of Fischer C4 GS Race Stock skis - the previous owner had the following set up:
Toe Pieces - Marker 9.2 Logic 2 (DIN 5-14)
Heel Pieces - Marker 1400 Comp EPS (DIN 5-14)
I was told by a technician that this combination would be fine and is actually a good combination, but to me, it seems like two different bindings may have different compatibilities and could prove 'unbalanced'.
Any one have any advice?
Should i trust the mix?
Should i look for a new set of 1400 EPS toe pieces? Should i look for a new set of 1400 Comp Heel Pieces?
Should I throw them away and start over, maybe with a new pair of Markers or VIST?
Any advice or thoughts on the matter by experts would be appreciated.
BTW - I am not running gates, but some fairly aggressive free skiing. I am about 170 lbs, 6'1" - skis are 183 GS, DIN setting of both toes and heels is 8.5 and the bindings are mounted on VIST world cup plates

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What's wrong with just mounting some freeflex from fischer?
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thanks for the advice .....i just bought this equipment and i hate to dish out more money if what i have is a good set-up. first i would like to get an idea if what i've got is worth keeping.......if not, then i will consider a new binding setup......I actually never liked fischer bindings but i will give them a look if and when the time comes, since i have heard good things about them.....
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You say the bindings were already on a pair of GS skis?
I wouldn't worry.
The only possible issue is an 'unbalanced' lift between the toe- and heelpieces.
Then again, lift and stance is an individual issue so this might even turn to be a better setting for you!
And otherwise just shim them.

They're the same brand (don't know much of the 9.2 Logic though) and have the same DIN range so I think you'll be fine.

If not, get Vist bindings!
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Hi Schsussbolie -
thanks for your answer.
your comments and suggestions are more optimistic than i would have expected!
actually i am not too worried about the difference in lift between front and back as that is more a 'performance' issue - i am more worried about the 'safety' issue......i don't know if Marker engineers their bindings to work as a 'paired team', so to speak, or if the toe and heel elements are in some way interchanghable from an engineering and safety point of view - as you mention, there are the same DIN standards and are more or less the same age, so there may not be major issues here safetywise? they look like *!&% but that is another issue all over again.
as you say, the bindings came off of a Fischer GS ski (apparently a powerful racer owned them first but I cannot guarantee that he had the same set up when he raced - maybe he slapped these on to sell?)...... I've put them on a Kneissl GS Race ski with Vist World Cup Plates which is softer than the Fischers if that makes any difference ........
I've actually contacted Marker and am awaiting a response..........I have considered buying new Markers just to be on the safe side, but if they don't respond to a simple question, do they deserve my buisness?
I've also contacted VIST and have recieved prices for both the 614 and the 816.....i see that they have a clause re: the 816 regarding 'risk' - interesting!
I have to say those VISTS would look great on my Kneissls, but hey, what do I care about looks, right?
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I've just been googling th e9.2 and apparently it is also a decent race binding.
Performance/safetywise I wouldn't worry too much but if the Markers dudes say otherwise I'd definately believe them more.
Offcourse ideally bindings have matching toes and heels and yes they are designed that way but I don't think you need to take that too far.
I like to compare it to motorcycle tyres, you're not supposed to mix those (front and rear) up either but I've done so on numerous occasions without any issues.

Also, you talk about setting the bindings at DIN 8,5 so you don't even need a 6-14 range, let alone an 8-16
I think A 4-12 would be enough, not that the DIN range should make a lot of difference in Vist prices.
Just out of curiossity (sp?), may I ask what you've been quoted for the Vist racing set-up?
If you don't like to disclose that publicly you can also send me a PM.
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Hi Schussboelie - when i got the bindings they were set at 13 DIN so I pulled them down to 8.5/9 and skied them this weekend at that setting - I was a little weary to put them on 10 DIN where I usally ski since they were missmatched and I didn't know where that would put them in real terms.
I've always understood that it is best to use a binding in it's DIN midrange.
I get alittle too much pre-release with a binding that goes to 11 DIN and have it set at 10, so prefer a better engineered binding in the mid-range.....
Sent you a PM - did you get it?
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Got the PM.

And yes, now that you've clarified that you usually ski 10 or up I definately would suggest a 6-14 range instead of a 4-12. It is always a good plan to have your preferred DIN settinghalfway the range.
More love to Vist who offer the race bindings with different DIN ranges at the same price!
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Well, actually 10 is my high setting, 8.5 the low, which is why as you say, a 6 to 13/14 range binding makes good sense.
Not to get off track, (as I do hope to get some further answers regarding using the mix-matched Marker setup), but I have done some research into bindings these past few days and have noticed the following:
There seems to have been not so advancment in the past 8/10 years with the technolgy of retention/release per se but quite abit of advancement with 'coupled bindings/skis'.....I don't think that Kneissl (my ski) has done any work in that area so I guess a Marker set up or a Vist set up in any case is a good choice.
I have always been a fan of Marker since leaving behind my Look Nevada's in the late 70's (remember them?), but I have to say, the smaller size of Vist as a company makes them easier to communiate with - more reactive.
Does anybody else out there ski on a mis-matched binding set-up, either by choice of by default?
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Well, I've heard back from a Marker rep.
He didn't so much as come and say so, but the main point of his communciation was that the real issue at stake here is not the mis-matched set so much as the age of the binding. His main comment is that a binding that is 5, 6, 7 years old is prone to more safety issues than a new binding (pretty obvious i would say)......In reality he didn't comment on the mistached nature of the set, but issued a soft alarm regarding buying used sets of bindings in general....hmmmm.
His comments were in line with what a professional company should comment on, and were more or less all he could say, i guess. I shouldn't have expected a representitive from a leading company to advise on a mis-matched product set.
Somewhere between the conservative comments of a Distributer (you always suggest to buy new equipment) and the non-chalant comments of a Technician (who seem to put just about any binding on any ski, in any position, just to get it out the door) must be a more informed answer............
I've picked up off different forums comments which are helpful on the individual bindings i've mentioned, but nothing specific to a mis-matched set.
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