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I think my boots are in about year 5 or 6. I bought some Nordica boots out of a sports store after trying some on. I would have preferred Salomon, but they didn't have any my size. I got a somewhat larger boot to accomodate my wide foot. My point being... that I really didn't know how to buy boots.

Aside from being a pain to buckle, I am doing pretty good with them. Feet stay pretty comfy and warm in them. I ski PNW mix of pow/crud and groom on 90mm wide twin tips. I suppose I should anticipate getting new boots in a couple of years.

I got some questions please.

1. Does a non-racing advanced skier need a boot fitter if he doesn't have any special problems? I also got a pair of Scarpa boots for AT skiing that came with all kinds of keyed adjustments. I suppose a bootfitter could help with those adjustments?

2. Do bootfitters charge a fitting fee?

3. Do bootfitters recommend and sell boots? I would guess that bootfitters would work with footbeds.

4. Can I get a better deal by doing bootfitting during off season?

5. Just kind of curious... do women's boots come pre-adjusted for cant and ramp based on their special physiology?

6. My boots have that ski/walk flip lever on the back. I ski with the lever in the walk position because I like to be able to just stand up straight sometimes to relax my legs. But I go forward in my boots when needed. So what is the fuss about being locked forward? I get forward on the steep and deep..... back in the boot on low angle pow slopes. Why is a lock forward needed?