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Jackson Hole, March 16-23: Thanks, Bob!

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I had the pleasure of making a first-time trip to Jackson Hole with four friends on March 16-23. I hope everyone on this board who makes it out to Jackson gets the chance to ski with Bob Peters, as we did.

I only tuned into this forum in the last few months, during which time the Jackson trip came together and I discovered Bob's "unauthorized" guides to skiing Jackson as posted here (which I promptly shared with my friends). Never having met Bob, I thought it might be a bit presumptuous to contact him, but I thought, "what the hell?" Life is short and great ski vacations are even shorter.

After exchanging a few pre-trip messages and playing phone tag most of the week, we hooked up for about three hours of skiing last Friday morning. It was a powder day, having dumped about a foot the night before and continuing through most of the morning. Bob showed us a few places we hadn't skied before (Tensleep Bowl and the Cirque), offered a few tips on skiing the pow that were very useful (I haven't skied much of it, but this was the first time I felt like I had any idea what I was doing), answered questions on equipment conundrums (like why my friend Cheryl's boots were killing her), and generally regaled us with stories of Jackson that only a local could tell.

Anyway, thanks Bob--Chris, Cheryl, and Kim all agreed that skiing with you was one of the highlights--if not the highlight--of the trip. This is truly the beauty of the Internet--the chance to meet people you've never met before who share your passions, whatever they might be. We had a great time and hope to do it again soon. Here's a pic of Bob, myself, and Chris on the gondola, I hope it goes through, I've never posted one here. :

C:\Documents and Settings\Matthew Sizing\My Documents\My Pictures\Kodak Pictures\2008-03-21

A couple of other random observations:

1. If you've never skied Jackson, you have to. I was a little wary, but if you're a reasonably strong skier (upper intermediate, advanced or better), this is the ultimate. You won't ever be bored, but you will be challenged.

2. To all those who say skiing in Jackson in March is a risky bet, all I can say is we had 3-4 feet of snow and mid-winter conditions all week long. According to my daily email ski report, they had another 11 inches last night and the forecast for this week calls for more of the same. By all accounts, they're about 10 inches short of the 575" record and will probably break it by the end of this week. It's criminal to think it will have to close April 6. If you still have a chance to go, go! Ski conditions were as good as any I've skied, anytime anywhere. :

3. Grand Targhee is worth a day trip. We skied it Wednesday. It's not Jackson in terms of challenge, but a lot of nice terrain and a very friendly, laid-back atmosphere. Reminded me of Kirkwood in relation to the Lake Tahoe resorts (great mountain, out of the way, really deep snow, low key, etc.). Plus you can drink on the bus coming back!

4. Speaking of drinking, the Snake River Brewery is fantastic if you're into great microbrews. Other locally available microbrews from Teton and Big Sky breweries are outstanding.

5. No town is perfect--Dickhead Cheney has his primary residence in Jackson, and Sotheby's International Realty appears to be buying up the whole valley--but I attribute that to living in George W. Bush's America more to anything Jackson can control.

6. Lots of great eating choices. My favorite was elk tenderloin at the Blue Lion.

That's it. Thanks again, Bob. Great trip. Hope to see you next year. After this, not sure I want to ski anywhere else.

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Originally Posted by mcs33444 View Post
Here's a pic of Bob, myself, and Chris on the gondola, I hope it goes through, I've never posted one here. :

C:\Documents and Settings\Matthew Sizing\My Documents\My Pictures\Kodak Pictures\2008-03-21

It didn't work since the picture is still apparently on your hard drive, which is only accessible by you. You need to put the picture someplace where it's visible to everybody. There are several free image hosting sites out there; personally, I use Shutterfly, although many use Flickr.
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Glad you had such a good time here. You were lucky to ski with Bob. I've only managed 2 days with him and both times were great. He is a very smooth and knowledgable skier with great group managment skills. He is one of the guys who I try to emulate. There is a joke that goes... Jackson is the hole where Bush hides his Dick. I wish Cheney wasn't here, but most of the time its pretty transparent. Come back in the Summer or Fall for an entirely different great time.
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Thanks for the Cheney joke, that was funny. As far as the photo goes, that's what I figured. I can't access the file-sharing sites here at work, but will do so tonight at home. I'll also post some photos of the mountain from last Saturday, I took a ton of them.
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Here's the pic (I hope):


How do you get rid of all the crap and just show the pic?
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Hey, Matt.

Thanks for the report. That was indeed a fun (though short) little tour we had. I notice that you were very kind and didn't bring up the exceedingly ill-advised decision I made to take you guys down Tramline when the Thunder chair was busy. My reputation for being able to find GOOD snow would suffer seriously if anybody else had come along on that little foray.

As for how to post the image here in Epic:

You bring up the image in a browser window and right-click on the image. That brings up a dialog box that includes the address of the image. You highlight and copy the address and then come over to Epic. At the top of your Epic message box you'll see the little toolbar. One of the tool icons is the image icon, which is a little yellow square with what looks like little tiny gray mountains inside it. If you click on that icon, you'll get a box that asks for the address of the image you wish to post. Just paste your image address in there, hit "enter", and... eureka!

Thanks again and make sure you come back, okay? For never having skied powder, you all took to it like ducks.
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We really enjoyed it. And thanks for making it happen. I think my friends were a little skeptical, as in, "why are you are bothering with this phone tag thing?" But after we skied together, they were all congratulating me on the highlight of the trip. It was more than worth it.

Don't beat yourself up over Lower Tramline. I did it the day before we skied it, there was lots of new snow and it was getting heavy by the afternoon, ungroomed and a real mess. It obviously froze over night, and with fresh snow on it and poor visibility the next day, not the easiest. But no big deal. I skied it the next day (Saturday) and it was smoother than a pool table. Skiing that when it's groomed the night before, with fresh pow, must be almost too easy.

Funny thing is, I was a little worried about this trip. I thought Jackson might be more than I could handle. Until I skied Big Sky same week last year, I hadn't skied in 10 years since leaving Boston for Florida. (I loved Big Sky,and if I won the lottery tomorrow, it would be a toss-up.) But it wouldn't be, because Jackson--the mountain, the people out there--are really in a different category. Skiing a harder mountain makes you a much better skier. And I've never skied a mountain like this.

Don't know if my friends will be back soon, but I will be. And I'll see you then.

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