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Whistler lodging

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Next year I plan on not going to school winter quarter and moving to Whistler for the season since I can get a season pass for 200 bucks through my ski school. My only issue is lodging for me and possibly one or two more. Does anyone know of any place that is cheap. I don't really car what it looks like and it would be nice if it was close as possible but price is my main consideration. I only ive a few hours away so over the summer I an going to be heading up there and doing some research but some place to start would be nice. Also does anyone know about the process to get a work visa there? I heard that is is rather expensive to get one
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Have you checked out the Whistler web site?
Last season they had info on it about visas and accomodation for workers. They have an open day/jobfair in October, where you can get all that sort of thing sorted out, as far as I know.

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Pman, you've just hit the nail on the head. The number one problem in Whistler is affordable housing. Indeed, for many jobs in there, the first question they ask isn't if you have experience, it's if you have a place to stay in town. No? Next...

If you're serious about this, I would put an ad in the the Whistler papers, and be ready to put down a deposit NOW.
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