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Targhee Tee Off

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The first annual Targhee Tee Off, happened this last weekend. It a Jr. Freeride Comp.

Check it out at http://community.freeskier.com/artic...rticle_id=2201

HB Jr. couldn't compete and was "bummed" - he was at Disneyland. He and I have been skiing these lines most of the winter.

Congrats to the winners.


P.S. Enough about Targhee not being steep enough for anybody.
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you let him go to Disneyland over railing the gnar?

you're slipping man, slipping!

(I rode with HBjr and he's pretty damn fearless...whupped me right into shape, that's for sure...I'm ready to ride with him next year, though, as I've dropped 15lbs and got my new stix dialed in).
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REALLY impressive sking from those kids
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Tashi Miller is a friend of mine and I am so proud of him! I was over at he Millers yesterday and was watching footage of his runs... Wow. I'll see if I can get a link posted. What a great event!
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Some really burly skiing in there...awesome, thanks for the link.
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man those kids skied great. thanks for posting this up!
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Whoa! Those are all just kids?!? amazing stuff!
Especially loved that backflip in the beginning of the video, think it was one of the girls..
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