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for my new skis I'm switching from salomon 900 series to tyrolia mojo 15. I've been riding my salomons at a din of 8 with no issues. but for my new binders, the shop tech said that tyrolia recommended a setting of 6 for my skier type

I was surprised since I am under the impression that din is a standard measurement across all bindings. I know tyrolias and salomons release in different ways, but I figured the din would essentially be the same

I've seen one post where someone said they rode their tyrolias at 2 settings above their old binding

can anyone who has recently made the switch to tyrolia or skis the mojo 15 comment about their din setting? I am 5' 9", 165lbs and an expert skier (level 3, I guess) but not hucking cliffs or anything. bsl 307, 40 years old