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Disski: You raised an interesting thought. Just ski where you want to go and don't worry about how you get there. For instance try this exercise in small bumps to start. Ski medium radius turns through the small bumps at a controlled speed throughout the run without stopping. Do this a number of times and see if two things happen: 1) That you become more comfortable in skiing this line,and 2) That you should see some improvement in your skiing as you practice. Let me know what happens as you progress. This, by the way was a task one of my examiner trainers used with us to improve the exact things you're working on. Good luck.
: whtmt :
That is what they had me doing early last season - the task was say 'Traverse across 2 bumps then turn on 3rd' - consistently & in control & NO STOPPING. They now have the task set at 'short turns - just turn in a rhythm damn it!' - partly due to my snow board phobia.(I feel the need to escape down the hill when snowboards appear)
I actually don't quite do this - but it keeps me moving & gets the focus off my body so I can let it do the work. Also I seem to ski better when I have a target to focus on atm. (The boom boom boom was the noise he makes to dictate short turn rhythm - works well on steep stuff for me)

One of the Thredbo guys had me doing the medium turns again in Whistler - much nicer when you don't expect to be killed any instant!

My Falls Creek instructor(examiner/trainer) is (I'm told by other instructors who have skied in US with him) a very strong bumps skier. So he tends to guide the 'bumps' lessons pretty much.(I mean in my head I give him higher priority when I need a voice to hear) The Thredbo pair have racing backgrounds & tend to direct the faster turns - also I have spent more time off-piste with those 2 - so they 'own' the advice when I am getting 'fretty' in trees etc. All of them work on same stuff in different ways - it helps to have the various inputs. They are all very different but all very good.

Oh whtmt - ask Oz about the 'terrain choice' in Oz - no choice of bumps size most of the time & runs are crowded(hence the snowboard fear)
As I have just finished explaining to someone on an OZ site - this is OZ - ski what you get. So the lessons often have to change to suit what we have. Hence I am MUCH better at hardpack & slush skiing than most other stuff. Have you ever had to teach a lesson on skiing snow grass? I end up needing to cross it most seasons at some point.

Re the exercise helping - hmmmm Yes I can see it will with lots of mileage - but not unless I can do it in a manner that lets me relax a bit. That was what started the problem in the first place with the 'fill in' instructor. It was only my second lesson with him & he was trying to get me to do the medium turn bit - but I kept stoppping & fretting & doing strange things. He had just had me skiing a quite steep offpiste run in not very nice snow quite nicely & was a bit bemused that I was now doing very odd things on a very easy black run with a few smallish bumps(really small actually) when I was ALLOWED to follow him.(I like to follow normally) Hence the start on the exercise thing he wanted with the pole & looking down the hill. He was quite AMAZED that the change of focus to 'ski to the bent tree' could produce such a HUGE change. I KNOW the others wouldn't be - they know how differently I will ski if they let me get thinking TOO MUCH about a task. One has actually said when I fell over& asked what happened(ie what did I do wrong) 'Nothing happened - you had a brain fart - get up & ski' - that worked well - I did just what I was told - got up & skied - about 150-200% better than I had been doing.