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Mob infiltrates skiing?

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Only in Noo-Joy-Z, could you come with a story like this and even some members of the "Sopranos" may show up at the (for real) trial.

The publisher of "Skier" magazine, Paul Piccirillo, from Noo England, was allegedly kidnapped by one of Joy-Z's racket bosses and "film maker", Daniel Provenzanno. "Danny Pro" is said to have kidnapped the aforementioned and jammed a gun into his mouth over a "billing dispute".

Former "Sopranos" star Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore, cinema tough guy Chuck Zito and even a few members of Aerosmith are expected to attend the trail.

: Newark Star Ledger 11/2/02

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Yeh , Yuki, and can you imagine Tony Soprano waiting in a lift line, or any line?
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I get the reference, even though I've never seen the show. From what I've read about it, I think I'm glad to say I've never even seen a minute of it.

Out of curiousity, how many here have never seen The Sopranos?
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I was seeing a soprano once, but she dumped me for a tenor.

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I've never seen it endless, but I certainly hear about it a lot. We gave up cable and satellite by choice a few years ago. Excellent decision, we still rent and buy movies - but movies have a beginning and end, and TV does not. I can download episodes of shows over broadband if I'm told its a must see. I've got lots of Seinfelds, Six Feet Under's, West Wing and SNL episodes on my hard drives. Is the Soprano's in that league, should I download one to check it out?
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How about the New York Jewish Mafia which owns Vail Resorts?

And no, never seen a single episode of the Soprano's. We have enough of the racket here in Vail. Don't need to see more of it on TV...

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Ever notice how nowadays, people have to ridiculously politically correct in regards to gender race or ethnicty, but Jews and Italians seem to be fair game? Hmmmmm

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"Jewish Mafia" . . . hmmmmm. Nope, lemme try again, "Italian matzoh balls" . . . no, no, . . . OK! Got it! "French pizza"! nah, . .

How about "Taliban Freedom Fighters". OK, try this on for size: "Freedom through Political Correctness" . . . ah, crap! I give up!

I should have studied harder at the Pat Roberston/Jerry Falwell Center for Religious Freedom.

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I gotta say vail snopro... you say some off-the-wall stuff. You should know that I'm grinning hard beacause of your comment. You crack me up. What really makes me laugh is that you are willing to slight the hand that feeds you. You do work for Vail, right?

Oh BTW, I'm pretty sure Vail is publicly traded. Actually, I know it is. More grinning...

I like the Sopranos. They make me laugh because both of my parents are Italian immigrants. Not that they were mafia types but the whole Italian thing is kinda funny. I guess you would've had to have been there. Never mind. Go back to your delusions of the Vail Valley being taken over by a religious syndicate. Still grinning...

I just gotta add one more thing... Vail lost a lot of money this past year. A whole lot of money. For Pete's sake, they sacked Andy as a result!! He's an icon at Vail! They did it to reduce payroll overhead... pure and simple. So, whomever it is that owns Vail is surely licking their wounds these days.
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Maybe you were kidding. Doesn't matter, it was funny nonetheless. Thanks.

Andy getting booted isn't funny. That's a bummer.
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Ever notice how nowadays, people have to ridiculously politically correct in regards to gender race or ethnicty, but Jews and Italians seem to be fair game? Hmmmmm
You are a racist.
You tell Irish jokes (normally involving our love of alcohol) in the Random Humor section, then don't add them to your list above.
I don't knoe how I can ever forgive you.
Maybe if you bought me a drink or two in Utah, we could call it even.

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I would just like to point out that my last post was said "tongue-in-cheek". Regretable both were mine. (Shawn Colvin)

I hope no one took offense at my sarcasm in taking offense at the ommission of my culture from the list of offended-at nations. If you found this offensive, please refrain from reading my posts, as I do not want to offend anyone with no sense of reality/humour/life.

Thank you,

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Hey Fox, stop me if you've already heard this joke, 'K?

This middle class thirty-five year old white Anglo Saxon Protestant heterosexual guy goes into a bar, see? . . . oh, never mind, I'd be accused of racism if I told that joke.

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Originally posted by oboe:
This middle class thirty-five year old white Anglo Saxon Protestant heterosexual guy goes into a bar
So, Oboe, what you are saying is all persons that are middle class, 35, hetero male WASPs are alcoholics?

(Also is "person" an acceptable word? Should it be person/perdaughter?)

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I went to a Marker meeting last week and the the guy doing the talking railed about........the frogs!
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Yes, it was a shame about Andy. He and I have been friends for well over a decade, long before he came to work for the Evil Empire. But I'm sure he will land on his feet. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

And as for saving the ski area a few bucks- how about canning Adam Aron? That would save over $500K to start, plus the obscene bonuses he makes, especially when all of the other managers (who really do the work) get nothing. He has not demonstratably added or provided anything to VR that wasn't already there. :

Am I biting the hand that feeds me? You might say that, except it is my efforts, and those of many thousands of others like me who feed the company. Vail is probably one of the better places for me to work, but I just give the company a bit of what it gives it's employees. I will continue to do and be the very best that I can for my guests, not because the company demands it, but rather because my guests deserve it! And at the risk of sounding egotistical, if I were to move to Copper or Deer Valley, 80% of MY clients would go with me. Just like they moved to Vail with me when I left Tahoe.

And as to casting aspersions toward a select few who reside in NY-. Have you ever met Leon Black, Craig Cogut, or any of the other owners of Vail? Oh, yes. Vail is publicly traded. But not the shares that count. All of the preferred stock is still held by a very few individuals. They are not even allowed to sell it to normal folk like you and I. Buy all the common stock you want, and see if you ever get a vote. In the IPO, Apollo Partners cleared considerably more than they paid to buy Vail from Gillette's bankruptcy, and they still OWN 51% of the company!
I have a really hard time feeling sorry for Apollo...

But I do feel sorry for Vail. Apollo (et al) has succeeded in driving away some of the most influential leaders in the entire ski industry. Chris Ryman, Mike Porter, Andy Daly, to name a few. These are some of the names which have represented high standards, integrity, and most importantly, the true SOUL of skiing in Vail's history, along with those who will forever be missed, such as Pete Siebert and his peers.

The heart is still beating, but the soul is becoming quiet...

PS- Just got a company email, supposedly from Aron. Not including the real estate (we'd never want to count that), Vail's profit was 7-8 million for the last fiscal year...

How much did they lose???

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