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The Coalpit is a popular line in the Utah bc, a friend and I skied it on Sunday. It faces north and is about 5000' vertical feet, which makes it one of the bigger descents in the Wasatch. In most snow years the exit requires a small rappel over a waterfall but with the good season we are having you can sidestep and ski though the crux.

On to the pics:
We skinned up to Thunder Ridge and then booted up the Hypodermic Needle, the needle can be viewed looking west from snowbird. It's a narrow (8ft?) wide chute that averages 48-50 degrees and bulges to 55 at the top.:

I can't hold a camera level, this makes it look flat

The views from the top were good, Pfiefferhorn in the background:

We weren't the first in that day but it was good settled pow almost all the way:

For the future, the east face of Lone Peak:
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For reference, this is the needle and the coalpit is the face in the shade to the right:
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Hells yeah!
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Wow! Thanks for the pics! Those were awesome!
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East Face of Lone Peak.... ->> :
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
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Fabulous pics of an excellent adventure.

I've never been to Utah but here in the NY area I did ski at the Armpit (Mountain Creek).
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Looks amazing!
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Wow, strong work. I look at the needle, and don't see a skiable line, more of a survival plunge. If we're ever skiing, I think I'll wait in the coal pit.
How wide is the top of that line?
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I think the ascent route is up the face of the needle we see in that pic.

The coalpit is on the flank to the right, which is skiable.
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The needle gets skied quite a bit. That pic shows 2000 vertical feet of the chute so it's bigger than it looks. 8ft wide is it's narrowest point, most of it you can make turns in, although they are steep, committing turns. Our plan was to ski the needle, climb it again, and then ski coalpit, but the snow was no good in the needle.

Glad you guys like the pics, I may have something else for you next week. I'm sorting gear in my living room right now for a four day trip.
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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post
East Face of Lone Peak.... ->> :
You should see the rest of it, it's beautiful....
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Very fine TR. Well done.
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