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Which Skis for 6' 120# Kid?

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Hi All,
Trying to figure out skis for 13 y.o. Indie Jr. Any help is greatly appreciated. He's recently gone through an incredible growth spurt & is now 6 feet tall & barely tips the scales at 120 lbs. Since he's a distance runner, he'll bulk up alittle bit, but not greatly over the next few years. He's been skiing 6 years, is an advanced skier, 20-25 days a year, skis mainly the back bowls of Vail & Talons area at Beaver Creek, spends alot of time doing bump runs, but also likes to rip steep groomers when he skis with the rest of the family. He's not much of a park kid, but does like to jump anything he can find. He's currently on Rossi B1 Jr. 148's & it's definately time to move up to "real" skis. :

Some of our options - "inherit" a pair of '99 Rossi Bandit X's in a 170 - would be free, but not so much fun in the back bowls & powder. Found a pair of 160 K2 Lotta Luv's for $440 - might work for a few years & could pass them on to Mom , but just 1 comment from one of his buds about skiing girls skis & he may never touch them again. Also found some '07 Salomon Furys in a 164 for $299 w/ bindings - great price but would this be a good ski for him? He says he wants to keep skiing his current skis & if he must move up, wants something good in bumps. Any other suggestions??

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Okay, so I'll answer my own thread......what to do for a tall, light, agressive skier? We went with the Salomon Furys for Indie Jr. He's had 3 days on them so far & we knew that we did the right thing when he came down his 2nd run with a GIANT grin on his face! For a lighter weight skier, we give these a thumbs up. Conditions have been perfect for the furys with back to back powder days - they're just okay on ice, so definately not an east coast ski. Great in pow & crud - fast & stable & he's even having fun with them in the trees. Now, all we see is the back of his jacket as he zooms away.......famous last words from Mr Indie...."We should have kept him on short skis":
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My 2 Cents

Hi Indie,

I'm 6', 150lbs and have been skiing on Public Enemy's (179) this year. Love them. I ski A Basin and they've been great in the bumps and back bowls, and they're cheap. Not great powder skis but they work.

I'm an old fart but I ski pretty aggressively. I'll bet he'd like them.
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Thanks RNaka for the feedback. Actually, he did try flipping backward a few times last week & it doesn't work out so well when not on twin tips. Looks like the PE's are pretty popular on the boards. A 13 y.o. with a quiver - - is that good parenting or bad??
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Continues a long-running trend that says Salomon skis are great for lighter skiers.
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