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Mad River Valley, March 28th -- 30th

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I'm planning on being at Mad River Glen on Friday March 28th and Sugarbush over the weekend. I've never been to MRG and I haven't been to Sugarbush in about 10 years. If any bears are around who want to ski together or who is willing to give tours -- let me know! I'm a decent bump skier, terrible tree skier though.
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MRG: Catamount Bowl to Lower Catamount to Lynx to Beaver.
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Kevin, I might be up there this weekend; still trying to work out plans. I used to be a Bush South regular, but haven't skied there in a while. I only skied MRG a handful of times. I'm afraid I wouldn't be much of a guide, but maybe we could meet up for some runs. I definitely know some sweet runs that would be worth hitting if the snow is good, including a couple easy tree runs that anybody can enjoy. I'll send you a PM if I am going to make it up there.

Weather models are still iterating, but there could be decent snow Fri-Sat, with another shot possible Sun night into Mon. There's a risk of some rain/mix for that 2nd event.
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I'll be at Sugarbush on Saturday with my GF, PM me if you would like to do a run together. I'll need a fix of more than the blues by lunchtime.
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Hey Kevin,
my husband and I will be at MRG on Friday (sat and sun too). Elan S10's and S08's on our feet. Have't been to MRG in a while, hoping to explore it ourselves, but we can meet for drinks and few runs.
PM me your phone # if you are interested.

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Please post reports on the conditions as soon as you get back.
I'm thinking of going to the bush on April 1st.
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Phlog, I bet Kevin will have a great report from this weekend; the Bush got 3-5". Sadly, there's a 60% chance of significant rain Mon-Tuesday which might reset the snow quality meter back to zero .
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Well, I had my rookie experience at MRG on Friday. A couple inches fell Thursday night, and then it snowed steadily (maybe another inch or two of accumulation) on Friday itself. Nobody around really; just skated right onto the chair every time. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to ski MRG. What an absolutely awesome place. The new snow was on top of a pretty solid base, but the freshies on top made everything a delight to ski. Even I found glades that I found to be fun, which is a first.

I was at Sugarbush over the weekend. Saturday was c-o-l-d and fairly windy. I spent the whole day at Sugarbush south (Lincoln Peak). The top was nice in the morning. The big bump run off the top still was covered in fresh snow from Friday, but it quickly got skied off. I skied a couple other bump runs on Saturday (off Castlerock, off the top, basically where-ever I could find them), but the bumps resembled cubes more then they resembled bumps. Big icy troughs with squared off fronts and backs. Occassionally I could find a couple nice bumps in a row, but a lot of it was rather rough going. I didn't see many people just gracefully cruising their way through.

Today (Sunday) was spent mainly at Mt. Ellen (aka, Sugarbush North). My legs were pretty gone from bumping for the past two days, so I stuck to the groomers. Beautifully sunny day; things really softened up in the late morning.

Unfortunately, this week's weather forecast looks less the ideal, so take all this with a grain of salt.
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Kevin, great trip report. It's my favorite place to ski and I'm glad you liked it. Hope to see you at Stowe next week end (right), that should also be a good time.
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Thanks for the report Kevin!
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Vermont conditions

I skied with Kevin for a couple of hours at Sugarbush on Saturday (nice meeting you Kevin) and at Killington today (Sunday), and talked with members of the ski club I belong to that skiied at various areas within an hour of Rutland, where our lodge is. Conditions are pretty much the same all over; a decent amount of nice snow on top of a rock-hard base. The biggest problem Saturday was wind scouring. Once the weather warms up a bit the spring conditions should be nice, but until then make sure your edges are sharp!
The exception to this was Royal Flush at Killington, since it was being baked in the sun and had nice big soft bumps. Everywhere else it was slide and slam.
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