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Discount 1-day Vail Tickets?

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Two people skiing there on Monday 3/31/08, please tell me we don't have to pay $92 at the ticket window. My searches on this forum and on the net indicate there are no deals on 1-day tickets. Am I wrong?
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I haven't been to Colorado in a few years but there always used to be discount tix for sale at all the supermarkets in Front Range towns - you stop in Denver or Boulder or wherever on the way and get groceries for your condo and some lift tix. Go to the customer service desk where you buy stamps, lottery tix, etc and there will be a sign board with prices for various mountains. Not all chains had tix for all mountains.

Possibly even at supermarkets in Frisco or Dillon.

I'm sure a local will jump in here and provide details specifically about Vail as you asked.
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Mudfoot, saddly there aren't many, if any discounts unless you buy in bulk for a several day package, through expedia or liftopia type sites.

When we were in Colorado with friends who didn't have the passes that my husband and I have, they ended up paying 83.00/day at Keystone, with the discount, from 86/day.
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Aren't there discount VAIL tickets available at the front range City Markets and/or King Soopers? How about if you find someone in the Vail parking lot with a SKE card, can they buy a discounted ticket for one or two other people?
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Aspen, Vail, and Steamboat have not offered grocery store discount tickets for quite some time. Copper and Winter Park discount their's in the grocery store to $75.00 from 86.00.

Find someone in the parking lot. Probably the safest bet. Or contact a good friend who works there.

I see people posting want ads on Craigslist for Vail Resorts places quite a bit but I don't know how successful they are. People rarely list them for sale.
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working advantage

- $83 - still ridiculous but more in the realm of possible.

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