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Originally Posted by saudan's boudoir View Post
Kind of surprising that in 29 replies no one has gotten it right:

Immersion, and 1999. Those are the two best of the past decade. And I believe you can get a double DVD set that has 1999 and Walls of Freedom very cheaply (not sure if Immersion is easy to get).

In fact, if you buy Immersion/1999 and don't like either one, I'll pay whatever it cost you.

Of course Blizzard is a classic and some of the other movies listed here are excellent, but Immersion and 1999 are the only two that really carry on the feel established by Stump in Blizzard.
very true i must have been suffering from brain gas. Both are great and should be rated as high as any Stumpy flick
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Originally Posted by axebiker View Post
WHAT THE....?!?!? HOW DARE YOU?!?!?! It's the "Top Gun of the Ski Slopes"!!!
You got that from Wikipedia.
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