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softer twin tip

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I currently have the 03/04 rossignol scratch in either 174cm or 176cm, I don't remember. I'm 26, 5'10" and about 175lbs and have been skiing ever since high school but only go a few times a year. I'd say I'm an advanced intermediate skier. I ski mainly blues and blacks on the east coast but have skied the same at Tahoe. The weather around here has been less than ideal in recent years resulting in a lot of thick and heavy slush that I find a little difficult to ski through. Would softer skis help with this? I also want to start venturing to the terrain parks for small jumps and some rails. I ski nearly 100% on piste. Should I also go for a shorter ski, like 171cm? Could you guys recommend some softer twin tips for me? Thanks
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Two opposite directions: Skiing cement will be easier on fatter skis than your Rossi's. Parks will not reward fatter skis.

Think about something like Sollie Guns. Cement will be easier, still nice in the park, great easy going all around skis. Have speed limits, but probably north of what you'll need. Cheap right now.
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They won't get a lot softer than the Rossi Scratch without becoming COMPLETE noodles. I love the Scratch - soft but with plenty energy return. Softer skis aren't going to help you in slush much - at least that wouldn't be my thought.

171's would be really short at your height/weight. Can't speak for the park experience however, as I've never set foot in a pipe or on a rail. If you still like your Rossis, try out the newer Rossi Ghetto as I believe it's a little wider than your current skis. I don't know that a wider ski is going to be a big help for on-piste slush. I've always found wider skis on the groomers got to be a handful when it got slushy.

But that's just my opinion.
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