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Rossignol or Atomic?

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hey guys i really can't choose between Rossignol and Atomic race skiis. I want it to be a 183 or 182 and ive been on atomic for a while but there arent performing as well as the new rossignol's

what do u guys suggest?? Any websites for 2009 atomic and rossignol skiis?

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I'm not quite sure what you're asking. It sounds to me like you already find the Rossis to be faster, so what is your question?

In any case, Atomics, the 165 slalom especially, really suit a strong, heavy skier and many have become faster by switching OFF the brand.

Here are the '09 Rossis: http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...OSSIRACE20 09

Can you give us some background info, like age, weight, height, ability, race experience, current racing done (FIS, USSA, Masters, etc.), and points?
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What he said.
If you don't like the Atomics, scrap them from your list.
They require effort, control and power, as do, for instance the Dynastars.
Try an Elan.
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ok my main point is what do you guys think is better for a 17 year old 120 pounds, ontario team very agressive
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For an agressive skier I'd lean more towards Atomic.
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Head up to Hood this summer, ski them both, and pick the faster one.
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If you're on the Ontario team, talk to the coaches. At that level you shouldn't make gear decisions without at least some input from your coaches. They know better than anyone how you ski and what would benefit you. At 120 pounds I would think that the Atomics would be a bit much, but a lot depends on your skiing.

Also, for whatever reason the Ontario choices lately seem to be either Rossi or Atomic (better than when it was just Atomic I suppose), but if you can, look at some other brands as well - Dynastar, Head, Nordica, Fischer all make top notch race product and have good distribution in Ontario. Nothing against Rossi or Atomic, they both make some great race skis, but don't get locked in to those two.
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Originally Posted by bello66 View Post
ok my main point is what do you guys think is better for a 17 year old 120 pounds, ontario team very agressive
Have to echo CanuckInstructor's suggestion to talk to your coaches.
Aren't you involved with the gear tests with the team? There's new stuff out there already, and plans for more comprehensive tests in upcoming summer camps.
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Since we're on the topic...
I've skied atomic for pretty much my entire life, (interrupted only by a brief and ugly stint on elans) and looking maybe to switch it up next year. I've been on the GS11 and SL11 and then the ST12 and LT12 for the past couple years. Although I've learned to handle them and I'd say I ski them pretty well, given the fact I'm really tiny I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a different ski? My coaches say stick with atomic, but with no particular reasoning, so i'm not really convinced. Not sure I want a softer ski, but I don't really know what's out there so maybe something a little less hardcore would do me good.

I'm a 16 year old 5'6" 98 lb female, race ussa (some fis next year) in new hampshire. I'm definitely an agressive racer, high risk, lots of DNFs (sadly) if that gives you any idea about my style.

Brynne L.
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