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Compare Mythic Rider, Watea 94, Line Prophet 90?

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I am trying to decide on a versatile ski, to be used mostly for 1)Washington powder 2) Chop/crud; but I want decent mogul performance and good stability for fast packed GS-ing.
Me: 180lbs, expert
My leaning is to one of the listed skis. Anyone tried them to compare and contrast?
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Hy Crystal -

I've tried the Legend Mythic Rider and the Watea 84 (I know, not the 94), and found them to be very close in how they ski. i was skiing them pretty short (165ish for the Legend, 165ish for the Watea, I forget the exact sizes). I'm 5" 7', about 185lbs, call me a 6/7 out of 10 skiier.

Both skis surprised me with their ability to handle groomers - no problem carving with either! The Legends seemed a bit livelier, quicker turning and more nimble, but not by much. Both are powerful skis able to punch through some pretty cruddy stuff when I tried them. The Legends just stomped through softiush moguls like Godzilla through Tokyo. I mean, I'm not that good at moguls but they made me look 10x better - several friends asked where I suddenly learned to ski bumps <grin>. Unfortunately, my legs were snausages at the end of the day by the time I got a chance to bring the Wateas through the bumps, but they seemed less responsive.

The biggest thing I noticed on the Wateas was their absolute predictibility and consistency. When you asked them to do it, they just did it, no questions. I demo'ed 5 skis recently and the Wateas were definitely the strongest, most consistent and most predictible ski of the bunch (Legend MR, Wat84, K2 PubEnemy, Head iM88, K2 Apache). However, they weren't the most "fun" - the Legend (and surprisingly the K2 PE) beat them out. I'd describe them as solid workmanlike skis. That boring appelation aside, I alsways had the feeling they'd never let me down.

Try to get some demo time on each, and i'd suggest throwing in a Pub Enemy or other twin tip - I was very surprised how well they handled the groomers.

Good luck, and while it doesn't help, you probably couldn't go wrong between either.
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Your Wateas were stronger than im88's? Hmmm.
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Thanks for the in depth description!
I am trying to decide whether I should keep and mount up some Line Prophet 90's 186cm I got impulsive on e-bay for. Both the Mythics and Wateas were recommended by a couple of local shops, and both are available for pretty good prices now. I'm surprized at the short sizes you demoed-I am 180Lb and torn between the 178 and 184 Watea sizes.
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