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We got snow!!

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Ottawa Ontario got it's first sign of snow today at 12:46pm. It came between sleight hail and all those other things that are supposed to stop the mail, and it didn't stay long ( was gone within a few seconds of impact) but it was still snow. I take it as a sign of a good snow year to come .
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Oh Yeah! Up at Sunday River buying boots and Mtn. biking today! It snowed like crazy for 10 minutes, then hailed for another 10 minutes. Made for some interesting biking! SNOW!!!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Here in Calgary we got a very very small amount of snow (just enough that you could see it but not very well, and it melted on impact). According to Sunshine Village's website they also got 5 cm of snow. Oooohhhhh I can feel it winter is not far away. Teasing us like this is not fair, its just not fair.......... :
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I've been making fires every morning now.. We've got a foot predicted for the high mountains tomorrow night.
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Wyoming Tetons

Whistler camsite

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Killington blew their test patch on Cascade last night. They trucked a bunch of people up at 6:30 this morning for a photo op. The Basin Ski Shop site has the best photos.

Peaks in extreme northern Vermont picked up a foot. Won't be long now!
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Walked into the season pass office at Sugarbush sunday to get my pass walked out and was greeted with a snow squall. It's a great sign.
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Webcam at Loon shows the ground blanketed in white! Let's hope it's a couple of week's away!
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The news said it was thirty degrees in Pittsburgh this morning and i have been hearing rumors that we got some flurries last night! Also, I was told it snowed a little at Seven Springs last night! Damn, i need a fix. :
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I know the joy that you all are feeling. This past weekend I saw the first snowfall of the winter in the Minneapolis area. It came sandwiched between rain, but it was still snow. And there is more forecasted for this weekend!!!
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We had several inches of snow overnight at Bretton Woods. I skied down the road beside our condo with my snowblades until I wore the snow down to the pavement. It was still snowing a bit when I left. It looks like the start of a great season. :
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Not even below freezing in Tahoe City yet

As someone else posted somewhere in one of these forums: "My skis sit in the corner. They mock me." LOL...I love that.
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Reports from Jay are that six inches fell there; and while driving south on I 89 today, off in the distance, the trails on Killington were white once more.
Surely these are good signs!
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Lincoln, NH (Loon Mtn) had 3 inches monday AM and in the Notch at the base of cannon there was at least five as of noon on monday with of and on snow continuing through the day!
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*lets out a roar o excitment which would put any wookie to shame!*

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Snowing on Palmer and the mile....finally! :
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Awoke to 4" of new snow here in Big Sky. I'm not ready for snow quite yet. How bout 2 more sunny weeks.
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Killington usually tries to open around 10/15...we will see if they can keep it up. Forcast shows warmer (or more seasonal) weather upcoming for the rest of the week.
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My kids are here this season and really, really want to ski in October (like we did last year) so they can call their friends back in Oregon and rub it in. I'm enjoying the current weather especially since the snow is sticking in the mountains but not in Bozeman.
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Sunshine Village has snow.

Sunshine Village Webcam
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Stevens Pass got snow! Dusted in the base area, more higher up.SPKA Webcam

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how pretty is Whistler this morning ?

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Hey RIO, the kids may get their wish. Theres another 8-16" here today and its still snowing hard.
Management at Big Sky has said that if they can be the first open in the U.S. they will do it. Otherwise its thanksgiving week. If it keeps we could be skiing this weekend. :

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Geez, after that last post this one is lame....but at Stevens Pass we had 9" on top this morning and 6" on the cars in the parking lot!
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