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Online Ski Dealers?

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Any good online ski dealers, especially those which ship to Canada.

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There are several on this forum that have great deals. Sierra Jim is running some unbelievable specials, but I don't think he can ship most of them to Canada. I have also used Level Nine sports and they are great. Don't know if they can ship to the Great White North either.
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Level Nine ships to Canada via USPS air. Haven't used them but was looking at bindings this morning. Al's Ski Barn (www.untracked.com) ships to Canada, and I've heard good things from other Bears. I'm also pretty sure that Dawgcatching's shop ships to Canada as well, but they're a phone-order type place. Good people though.

I'd also check to see what your local shops have in stock. I was set on buying some new boards online, but wandered into a local shop on friday just to see what they had. I ended up picking up a pair of Rossi Scratch Brigades for the same price they were offered online, plus a better deal on bindings because the sales guy originally quoted me the wrong price and kept his word on it. No shipping, which can be steep for skis to Canada, and I got to ski them on Sunday. Plus I got to support a local business, which as someone who works for a local bike shop, means a lot to me.
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I will have to check those out.
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Try supporting some of the sponsors here!
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IMO www.untracked.com stands out among the bigger online and mail order shops based on knowledge and quality of work. I trust their opinions & factual input more than any other online shop. They ship promptly. Their mounting work has been spot on in my experience - including a bunch of pretty specific instructions and challenging bending assignments.

The only downside is that they usually don't have the cheapest pricing around. OTOH, read about the number of blown mount jobs in the world and imagine sorting those out long distance with a recalcitrant vendor. The one time I had a product issue (the new Leki trigger system) untracked sorted it out for me with Leki and got old style triggers mounted up for me on all the poles in question. And I'm confident that I'd get a fair resolution to any other issue that might surface in the future (and no matter how good a shop is, you never know what might pop up with gear). I'm happy to pay a fair premium for genuine added value - & I've often gotten that from these guys... On the flip side, if all you are looking for is a set of super-discounted sticks, untracked is likely not your place (although it never hurts to look).

I'd trust them to ship anywhere they claim to ship stuff to, but I suspect like the other legit dealers around & mentioned above, they face some limitations on international shipping.
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PM Dawgcatching with what you're looking for...
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I'd recommend making sure that you can have them shipped by USPS. It will take a bit longer but you will save a significant amount this way. The initial price may seem the same as UPS or FedEx but with either of those carriers you'll pay some significant brokerage fees. The fees are usually close to $100 when we ship skis to Canada so we ship north with USPS whenever the customer can wait a couple weeks for the skis. This is something that you'll be charged for when the skis are delivered. I love UPS but not to Canada.
Most online shops, us included do ship USPS to Canada so it shouldn't be hard to find.

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