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March 30 - $1.97 Big Sky Tour - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Aleph Null View Post
Is that why I just E-mailed him for those Punishers?
How was saturday? At the airport, snow was coming down pretty well... the mountains get pounded too?
Yeah, that's why...he saw you coming a mile away and got out his vial of "free fat ski demo". I tried to be Nancy Regan and tell you "Just Say No!" but...well...at least you didn't get the Katanas!

Just when I'm at peace with my ski season, you have to make me feel bad that I missed Big Sky!!! - trekschick
At one point we heard you were coming...this was exciting for us especially me since I was battling "Wonder Woman" (aka Kate) at the time and could have used some assistance. (actually it was quite fun).

Squatty thought he'd found the battery compartment to the Energizer Bunny with his short turns. We're going down this trail that's probably 2 miles long at Moonlight Basin looking for the rest of the group. I ski next to Squatty and while laughing he says, "I'm going to wear her out with short turns". I just laughed back and said "You're a fool, it'll never work..." then proceeded to tuck the trail nearly losing it on a roller. (No, it didn't work at all.)

I figured the reason you didn't come was when the airline didn't allow you to bring eight pairs of skis you couldn't decide which pair would be the right one for Big Sky!
(Will you hire a caddy at the next esa?..oh..can I put something in the bag?)

you know you want them -- they are calling your name. I see a mid-fat in your quiver.

(BTW, I'm looking for some skinny skis that look more like cross-country skis than those in my current quiver). - Mike
yeah I've got to get something...maybe the Stockli Stormrider xl's ?

Tog -

Here you go:


They're perfect for the next Big Sky ESA. - Rio
Hmmm... Atomic Pimps...What does that make me?
Side Cut = 125-103-117 (174)
"Atomic Pimp is made for the rider who thinks the whole mountain is the park. The Pimp was designed to fly down open bowls, launch big airs, mow down whatever ski condition is out there. "

Allright, now we're "riders". Why don't we just get it over with and get two snowboards and put a binding on each?

Still...this might be just the thing to vanquish Wonder Woman...
No short turns here!
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I ski next to Squatty and while laughing he says, "I'm going to wear her out with short turns".
Bad idea turning on the groomers at Moonlight unless you like hiking back to the lift.
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Well this was a long blue groomer that actually had a pitch to it the whole way. Some of the other groups had a problem with Moonlight Basin on the groomers having to pole their way in lots of spots. Moonlight is definitely the place to go for lunch though even if you're skiing Big sky. Good food and not that expensive and a fabulous lodge/hotel. The massive fireplace with the stuffed mountain goats posed up the chimney really needs to be seen.

The amazing thing about Moonlight Basin is nobody is there. I imagine after skiing Big Sky on a powder day you could go over there the next day and have tons of fresh tracks. Looks like there's some good trees there that we never got to. We spent most of the time doing laps on the chutes. It's like it was our own private area. Really quite incredible.
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