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Bootfitting as a career

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I am working at an outdoor adventure store in England as a (ski) bootfitter. Really enjoying it and am considering options for continuing in this profession.

One idea is to go over to France or Switerland to gain more experience bootfitting. It's a tricky one trying to figure out a good place to go though as I am not just looking for a 'good shop'. What I am looking for is a ski/boot shop located in a town or city rather than one in a tiny village next to a mountain. It would be fantastic to be somewhere where in the summer there is lots of action mountainbiking etc.

The other idea is to stay in the UK and work for a more specialist sports podiatry store. I am fascinated by the podiatry aspect of the job enjoying the creative part of making footbeds and helping to align people feet.

Is there anyone on the forum who is or will be looking for good and keen new staff?

I am 31, have an IT degree, CSIA level 1 qualification, skiied regularly since seven years old and am a professional, considerate person.

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mmm, may be able to do something on option 2, send me a PM with some details of your experience etc etc

sure there may be some others out there who may be able to help on option 1

BTW i am sure i recognise your name where do you work
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Send me a short CV, nothing special, couldn't careless about presentation or spelling. More importantly a 'Letter of Motivation', i'll let you decide what that maybe. Any chance you can get a couple of days in Chamonix this Summer? You should come and look around the place.
Any ties, Girlfriends, responsibilities?

Contact me at
Use the contacts page, top right and i'll send you my Email address.
Cheers, Steve.
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Well seems this might be a good way to get a job. I'm going to post my resume.

Seriously I'll say same as others. If you are interested in coming to Canada I may be able to help.

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Lou, i adore the 'Footie/Skiboot thing on your Homepage.
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It was done by a local firm and I thought they did a great job. Also have a golf one and a mountain biking one as well as a boot that is morphed into a snorting bull nose. Pretty cool.

Very lucky me. All done free as the firms director at one time was a coach and provincial team member.

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