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vail next weekend

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going to be in vail next weekend. the pass i have is only good for vail. i am an expert skier looking for someone to rip with either sat, sun or mon. i like steeps, bumps and trees not interested in going all the way to colorado to hang in the park all day. m27.
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just joined epic today, will be staying in vail sat and sun,  also expert and like steeps, bumps, trees and there'll be plenty powder,  i'm native denverite, and probably be joined sunday by Jon who knows vail like the back of his hand (he has a life pass),  BEWARE the Sat. morning drive out of denver, everybody's been waiting for this dump and the road will be crowded and slick   call Ron 303-840-3673 to join in

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I have Monday ( 3/30 ) off, and will be free skiing for at least a part of the day... Meeting another Bear at Ch 8 at 8:30... PM me for cell numbers if you'd like to join in...

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Hey Ric, I am off, too! Depending on how much Passover preparation I finish on Saturday night and Sunday, I may be able to make it up. I will let you know. Also plan to be up the following Sunday with my daughter. 

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Never say never, I'm trying to put something together for next week. One last Hurrah. I jinxed the Wasatch two weeks ago with horrible snow conditions.


 Does the long range for next week look favorable at Vail. I 'm not asking for pow, just not a horrible continous meltdown. Mowed the lawn last night here for the first time. Got to get out of town on the hill one moe time before the fertilizer kicks in!

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Early forecasts are for major snow this weekend (4/4-5). The weather guessers have stuck the idea of 2-3 FEET in their heads for Sat. But of course, that has probably jinxed the whole weekend with blue skies.


We picked up a good 8- 10 inches today, after about 7am... it was a pretty awesome day! Shades of what Feb should have been! If the storm cycles continue to roll through as predicted, then we should have great conditions right through the end of the season on the 19th.

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Just save us some Ric

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