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Did I buy wrong boot?

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I started to ski this season, enjoy it a lot and want to progress. I would describe my current level between 5 and 6. So, I decided to buy my own gear. After reading here and in many other places that boot is most important piece of equipment, I came to buy boots first. My foot was measured at 27.5, it is rather wide (I measured it as 104, of course, I can be wrong; also, I am 43, 210 lb, 5'9", that's for sure :-). I will skip tales about visits to few ski shops where I tried boots that were out of my budget (like Nordica Ignition, which was quite comfortable). Finally, I tried Dalbello A70 at 28.5, found them too comfortable, and the person that helped me suggested that they will become too loose in few runs. So, I bought A80 at 27.5; in the store they were snug (liner; shell looks ok, apparently there is a room for almost two fingers between heel and the shell back if tried without liner), but otherwise quite good, and I was told that liner will stretch and I will be happy.
Yesterday I took it to the hill, and it was a disaster: my toes (especially little) were numbing, in the afternoon pain started in my ankles, and overall feel was quite miserable... :

So, my question is: what can be done? Tomorrow I will call the store, nut it goes out of business and I am afraid they are too busy to be able to help me in any way. Should I try to sell this pair (used for just one day, hopefully I did not damage it too much) and go for another one, or this one can be fitted to me? If so, where should I go? I live in the Bronx, NY.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Welcome to the Epic Ski Bootfitters forum!

First days on snow with new boots routinely end up with issues like these.
If you can try to get in front of a recommended bootfitter, and he give's a "thumbs up" on shell fit and model, the boots can be "fit" to allow for more comfort and performance. I would not necessarily throw the boots in the dumpster yet. A normal shell fit allows between 5 - 15mm behind the heel.
Also, boots will commonly take about 10 days of skiing to initially break in and "open up" .
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Thank you cantman, for the prompt reply. In fact, today I took the boots back to store where I took them (In fact, it was Princeton outdoors in Manhattan). Their bootfitter, Roy Goldman, stretched liner a bit, lowered zeppa a bit, and now it is completely different boot. At least, in the store; can't wait for Sunday to get them to the hill

Thanks again for support!
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