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I found the site through a search on skiing forums, and have been viewing here and there ever since. I will eventually start posting more often.
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Like a few others here, I found it when I was a regular at Paulas Ski Lovers and Ski Mag's web sites. This site had been mentioned a few times before I actually came over here. I'm not sure I ever went back to the other sites.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to meet a few of the Bears, including (but not limited to) LM, DChan, AC, and of course, Gill. Gill and I go out and try to break our selves and our bikes on a regular basis.

As an instructor trainer, I encourage (in my best NY accent - You gotta problem wit dat?) our potential exam candidates to come here and spend time reading. Especially during the summer so that their brains keep thinking about skiing and to pick up lots of great technical stuff.
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I heard about it in the ski school locker room last year at the beginning of ski season. Lurked for a couple months before plunging in.
I tend to be a bit of an introvert at times by necessity when off duty, and after three weeks straight of the holiday rush, this website provided the perfect level of social interaction and mental stimulation amid the welcome silence of my home.
The first thread I read was a David M exegesis on something or other and I waded through all seven pages, agape. Sometimes if you follow a lengthy epicski thread from start to finish, it feels like reading a novel, with turns of plot, protagonists, subplots, epilogues, etc. I've loved watching all our pseudonymic characters develop through multiple threads over time.
And this forum continues to provoke that reaction of well, simple agapeness, in me, along with affection and addicted fascination. What an incredible community to be a part of. :
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Originally posted by vera:

The first thread I read was a David M exegesis on something or other and I waded through all seven pages, agape.
You read that crap and still came back? Bravo!
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I first found this site while searching for gear reviews. I lurked for a couple of months, but when the season ended I stopped logging. Afterwards, I couldn't, for the life of me, remember the name EpicSki and it took about a year and a half before I found this place again (okay, I didn't look that hard). Again, I only lurked this second time around, but after a couple of months, decided to join.
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Bob Barnes recommended the site to me a couple of years ago when I ran in to him one day at Loveland. I first met Bob electronically on the old Compuserve skiing forum about 7 years ago. I wonder how many other EpicSki members besides Bob, Ott and Wigs used to contribute to the Compuserve forum.

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Originally posted by AC:

Of course, you should never place EpicSki stickers on lift towers, that would be very, very bad. Especially not ones on high traffic lifts where a lot of people pass by them. And certainly do not put them in ski resort bathrooms or other such public facilities where thousands of skiers would see them every week. This would provide exceptional exposure, but would be inappropriate and is something I would never encourage.[/QB]
Now this made me laugh
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Like Nolo, I found this site by following Lisamarie. At the time she (LM) was getting pretty badly beat up by some macho dude who was vehemently insisting that skiing is a "power sport", suggesting that all the talk about balance and core strength was kinda sissy stuff. Guess which one of them recently had an outstanding article accepted for publication in The Professional Skier?
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[img]redface.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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i remember some tongue-in-cheek Jackson(Hogan)_bashing by either Wink, Lucky, and someone else ....at about the time when I had just discovered what a flat ski felt like : ....then a mention of Epicski...and to escape the teen talk has been nothing short of heaven.
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i was lookin for info on skis a few years back, then checked out the forum. just lurk for the most part these days, spend most of my time over with the delinquents at Powmag and TGR, what can i say, i like freedom of speach. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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out of the primordial soup, catalyzed by lightning, evolved through centuries, born in the 20th Century, found this site near the end of that Century while looking for discussions on technique and equipment changes during my 10-year hiatus from skiing... was also visiting Paula's at the time but they had little humor and even less breadth/depth... more like a gang o' middle aged folks sitting around a fall fireplace with mugs of some toddy or another, lamenting their lost youthful enthusiasm for skiing... being a techie and a smartass I gravitated here and visit Pouter for my serious smartass fixes
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I came here.... oh.... about 4 years ago. I believe I heard about epicski from a skinet forum, but I don't really remember... man, time is flying! I remember when you'd have to wait at least a few hours for a response to a post- now, with 4k+ members, the topics here read like chatrooms! incredible...
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It was few years ago,wandering aimlessly on the www looking for ski info.Somehow found this new site.I haven't posted much but always lurking,getting great info on everything to do with skiing.Keep up the great work.Long live the Barking Beaver! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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You know, I just can't remember.... :
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I needed new skis and was searching for info and reviews -- finding EpicSki off of Peter Keelty sounds familiar. But I'm not positive ...
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I was on a "Surfing Safari" looking for anything that pertains to skis or skiing, and somehow got onto this place. Lurked about reading some of the "Teckies" info and chat, and decided to chime in.

Got "flamed" here early on for some of my wisecracks and thoughts, quit for a while. was once the leader in posts, checked out for some personal reasons, but have never been completely away from this forum.

It's the character of the individuals, their insight and comedy, the vast knowledge and experience of the many friends I have made here that keeps me coming back, and keeps a constant flow of newcommers to keep the flame growing.

Thanks to A.C. and Dchan for keeping it going strong.
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