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I think it was Kima who made a remark on Go Ski Talk about some information available here. ...Followed the information over and registered that day.

It has been more entertaining than I could have ever thought possible!
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I gotta credit Bob Barnes again.

I looked into epicski.com when it was brand new and mentioned on one of the ski magazine forums, but found it initially was so pro-Harb and anti-PSIA that I decided I wasn't interested.

Bob suggested a revisit some months later, saying it had settled down and changed from the opening sentiments. I thank Bob for his encouragement.
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From the link on Peter Keelty's site two seasons ago. I've been reading/learning on Epicski since, but just registered a few days ago. I am looking forward to my third season after coming to the sport in my mid-30's.
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I found it on a bottlecap.

No, wait, it was scratched into a chairlift safety bar.

No, that wasn't it..

Actually I found it in a post on Audiworld.com and it's been on my favorites since
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LisaMarie was the emissary. I liked it here so much I gave up my own ski-instruction-related website. I thank AC and dchan for doing all the work for us to have this meeting place.
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I have Jamesdeluxe to thank for my being here. He told me about this site and another called Powder. In thanks for his enlightening me with hours of time wasting I've had his leg broke the last two years.

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I found this site a very long time ago - i have forgotten what year it was actually. At first i didnt take the time to read everything that was posted here, but eventually got involved in the forums at SkiNet.com... I posted a little bit there and read a lot. After awhile i found those forums to be a waste, so i moved to here. I didnt register for quite awhile, but my first regiatered name was Xscream179 (or maybe Xscream121)... I think i was around member #800 or so. Then i reregistered as HeluvaSkier a few years later. I forgot why i reregistered - but i'm certain i had a good reason. I wasnt able to retain my member#, but AC did carry over all of my posts, and delete the other account as far as i know. I have been here for quite awhile though... I love the site.
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I just went back and checked and i was actually member #505... I didnt realize i had been here so long...
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Free agent trade from the SkiNet Forums to the EpicSki Barking Bears back in 2000. Hasn't lived up to expectations thus far...

Rumoured to be in negotiations with the NewSchooler Gabbers as a part-time "freeskiing" advisor.
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Riding a chairlift at Taos and somebody mentioned several ski sites to check out. This being the 1st one I tried and stuck with it. Do not know how that happened since there are so few New Mexico skiers on this site.
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doing a google search for used equipment. I was fairly low on the list, but since then it has been better advertised.

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cant remember how i got here(think it was from lurking on the aussie board during the US offseason), but anytime someone asks a question on the weather channel ski board, that i cant answer; i refer them here !
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I was trying to find where my wife had disappeared to.
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I was at skinet, lurking. When a guy named Ott asked where another guy named Wink went, since he was not posting there anymore.
Somebody else (bob Barnes?) answered: "Look for him over at Epicski"
Never liked skinet forum. So I took a short hop to here.
Never "hopped" away.
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I'd just got back from my first OS ski trip to Canada and as I'm a member of many automotive based discussion boards I thought I'd try and find one dedicated to our first love, and here I am 8 months later on EpicSki.com [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Moose21, whom I met under another guise on forum.ski.com.au, but turns out I already knew a few others too. Disski, philay etc.
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Linked off another forum I had been reading, wish I could remember the name of it. It would have at best three new posts a day, so when I found epic I don't think I ever checked it again.
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I don't exactly remember how I found Epic but I do remember that I looked on for a good while before joining in. The discussions seemed intriguing except for the occasional personal attack (like the recent post taking advantage of a famous personage who ran afoul in his personal life - only to put down someone's choice in skis; or a jibe at someone's skis using a non-sensical analogy of steak and snow). But except for the personal affronts I have had to endure I really enjoy being here.
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I found this site through breakthrough on skis which had a site going to Harold Harb then to LisaMarie, (which by the way is a fantastic site). I've been hooked ever since on epicski.
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I don't remember, actually. Probably on google. Lurked for awhile before signing on.
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Hi Bob B, I'm still here just not as active. I heard about this site on a now deceased Jackson Hogen/OLN site.

Currently working on rappelling skills to ski some backcountry terrain only accessible by rope.

Hope your season is a good one.
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I met JohnH and beat the URL out of him.

Heh, heh. Seriously though, I was just REALLY bored and searched through many pages of Google hits for "internet forums, skiing".

While I don't post that often, I value the information to be had here and I'm glad I found the site.
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Somebody on another ski forum made a reference to EpicSki.
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Hi Lucky! Glad to see you haven't vanished! I hope all is well.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I got here from the PSIA forum. I think it was from a post from either Spag or Robin. I tried it and found a post entitled "Lito and Harald break wind". I nearly died laughing.
I have been hooked ever since.
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Someone had posted a link on the Sugarloaf, Maine USA forum. Wish I knew who, I would like to thank them
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Originally posted by Bonni:
I did a search in newsgroups when I was looking for a place to ski in May. Some kind soul directed me here, and I spent 5 hours surfing here that afternoon (I was laid up from having surgery the same day). I'd like to thank that person. Wanna come forward?
Over the last couple of years, I have suggested to a lot of people on rec.skiing.alpine that they give Epic a try. It might or might not have been me that directed you, but since it worked out so well, sure I'll take the credit.

Tom / PM

PS - I don't remember how I got here, but I do remember that one of the first posts that I saw on Epic was this massive, wonderfully precise treatise on some topic by Bob Barnes, and I said, "Holy ****, this is the place for me".

[ October 21, 2003, 10:55 AM: Message edited by: PhysicsMan ]
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Originally posted by Gate Crasher:
Actually I found it in a post on Audiworld.com and it's been on my favorites since
Hey, that's my line.
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Originally posted by MarkXS:
I was trying to find where my wife had disappeared to.
HA! HA!!!
Hey! YOU were the one who wanted me to start skiing!
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Through an ad in the back of Powder.
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