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how did you first find epicski.com?

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In trying to think back to how I first stumbled across epicski.com, I couldn't exactly remember. I would bet, however, that I searched for something ski-related on Google and found a link to here. With all the talk about member #5000 and such, I was wondering how people first found here, whether internet search, invited by friend, or what? This is just feed curiousity about how this site grows and possibly about how we can become bigger and better in the future...
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I was on Peter Kelty's Tech Support For Skiers website and followed The EpicSki link he has posted there. I've been here since.
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Great question! I'd be intersted in hearing about this also. EpicSki has terrible placement on search engines (for reasons I cannot understand). So how did you find us?
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I did a search in newsgroups when I was looking for a place to ski in May. Some kind soul directed me here, and I spent 5 hours surfing here that afternoon (I was laid up from having surgery the same day).

I'd like to thank that person. Wanna come forward?

Some Internet Persona by the name of Wear The Fox Hat had me laughing through the pain. (Thanks, Fox). I've stuck around to enjoy the rest of the show.
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Bob Barnes mentioned it on Paula's Ski Lovers! he said it was "a little bit raunchy", but a good forum! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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In retrospect, I do think I was surfing the web at the office (the life of a grad student is BORING) and followed the link from Peter Kelty's Tech Support For Skiers website. Now this is my first stop when it comes to daydreaming about skiing at work...
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I found this site through a recommendation from a post on Ski Magazines forum. I have been hanging out here ever since. That was some time last season. I can't remember which day I first came here, I think it was sometime in January.

I will agree that "Fox" is one of the most entertaining people here. When ever I see he has replyed to a post, I'll go there.

A couple of month's ago I saw "tyourownshoelaces" I got a kick out of that. Some people come up with good screen names.
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I think I found it on the internet or something :

Actually, I don't remember, but it wasn't easy to find.
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<font color=blue>I was searching the web for something or other and stumbled onto the Epic site. With the exception of the odd post on the Road or Mountain Bike Review sites - which I found via Epic, my thanks to gonzostrike - I can honestly say that I do not participate in any other on-line fora, ski or otherwise.

I'm now coming up on my one year anniversary and recognize that I need to renew my covenant with Epic by way of another financial contribution. I wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun in the year to come.

Pray for snow,


PS. I was testing the <font color=blue>blue</font> for Bonni's benefit.
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Ditto on link from Peter Keelty's site.
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Somebody on another ski forum made a reference to an EpicSki thread. I followed the thread and found this place.
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Followed the link posted by Bob Barnes on Paula's. Same as Lisa.
I think that makes Bob a Connector.
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I followed a link. I wish I remember which one but I don't.But..since landing here, it's my #1 destination on the www.
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Someone mentioned Epic in the PSIA forums and I've been here since. I check in over there on rare occasion but I'm at home here. Yes, it is about time for me to make a contribution too.

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posted by Bill A:

I think that makes Bob a Connector
Or a useful Tool.
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I had to see what all the other Maggots were dissing.
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Got told to come here because some of you lot were talking about proprioception & skiing....
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Searching the web for gear info.
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Digging a hole in my backyard.
And there it was, under the decaying bones of some rodent my dog had played with before killing. Luckily the epicski wasn't too scratched up and still worked when I pulled it out of the earth. I'd heard they were well-made and could handle any manner of day-to-day use, but when the music played and the figurines danced, well, I had to subscribe.
I washed it and de-rusted the edges and placed it on my desk, where it sits now as I look at it.

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Paula's Ski Lovers. www.skilovers.com. Also a good site, but not very active. It's a small select group, but, UH OH...not ANY MORE! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I found it linked to Harold Harb's website.
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Working with Bob Barnes at an instructor MA training session.
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I found it on the recommendation of Lucky (where are you, Lucky--haven't seen you in a while?) in the SkiNet forums, which were breathing their last dying breaths at the time. I made a post lamenting the lack of activity at SkiNet, and Lucky pointed me this way.

I very occasionally check in on a few other forums--SkiLovers, PSIA, even Powder now and then, but none of these comes close to EpicSki in terms of content and camaraderie combined.

Years ago, CompuServe had an extremely good online skiing community, with discussions rivaling those of today's EpicSki. That's where I "met" Ott, Wigs (and where are you, Wigs?), Todd M (you too!), and others. CompuServe faded, mostly due to horrendous administration and moderating, and finally disappeared. It was some time before I found EpicSki--the first and only other site to offer what CompuServe's Skiing Forum once had at its peak.

When I joined EpicSki, there were something over 500 members (554, to be exact), which I thought to be huge at the time. Now there are ten times that! While there may have been a few growing pains, mostly felt by AC, I suspect, as he has had to keep up with the demand for server performance and bandwidth and keep a few antisocial miscreants under control, the site has mostly only gotten better.

I think EpicSki provides very serious competition to anything in print. The content--articles, photographs, gear advice, and social interaction--is often superior (although you do have to wade through the mud a little at times), and the opportunity to interact, rather than just read, combine to make EpicSki one of the best off-snow learning environments ever!

By the way, Lisa, I don't believe I actually described this place as "raunchy," did I? I bit more spirited and freewheeling than Paula's SkiLovers, yes, but certainly not raunchy!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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A person from another site (who used to come here and still sometimes signs in and lurks) told me about the site one day in an IM. I decided to check it out. Signed up and kinda just lurked for a while, posting on ocassion, but have recently become more involved.
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I was actually looking up epicskin.com but forgot to type the 'n' in the little box at the top of the screen.
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posted by ryan:

And there it was, under the decaying bones of some rodent my dog had played with before killing
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I too found EpicSki by a reference at the Ski forum. Don't think I've been back there again since giving this site my first look.
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Couple of people on forum.ski.com.au participate here and made reference to it, I simply followed, had a look and haven't stopped learning since.
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I actually posted on my golf forum looking for a good ski forum and got directed here. Internet searches were not turning up any good options.
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Just got a new computer - our first - and via a search engine found the Ski Magazine and Skiing Magazine sites. Someone posted that there was this great site called EpicSki and we ought to check it out. Don't know for sure who that was, 'tho' I have some thoughts.

Went over to EpicSki.com and found there were 44 other members, I being number 45. Got into some discussions and some rows with the likes of Pierre, eh! and Lars - and of course, that all smoothed out over time. At one point, skiing so frustrated me I considered quitting - but Lars and Pierre kept me going, so I didn't quit - GOT NEWS SKIS INSTEAD! HA! I even got to meet Pierre - Mrs. oboe and drove an hour down to Middlebury to have dinner with him and his daughter. Lars and I have kept in touch by e-mail and phone - still haven't met! Lars, we gotta make some turns!

I think I was the eighth to have over a thousand posts - Lars was the first. Somewhere along the line, I took some time off from EpicSki, and I have no recollection precisely why, but I do know it had nothing to do with EpicSki and something to do with sea changes in my professional life and getting married, to boot.

Some of the most memorable happenings: Making friends online and then actually meeting them; working with Bob Barnes and Tom Burch to get the initial EpicSki Academy off the ground and then meeting up with the other honchos involved; firing up the Eastern Tune-Up with epic, jamesdeluxe, Bob, Tom and vail snopro/Ric Reiter; basically, expanding my world as a skier and a social being far beyond what it would have been if EpicSki had not come into existence.

It's taken a few years to get to this point, and it could take a few years to finish writing about it. Better stop now.

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