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Railflex vs Railflex II

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I have a pair of Head skis with the older Railflex base plate. If I get bindings with the Railflex II or speedrail base plate, can I remove the Railflex plate from the skis and install the Railflex II or speedrail plate easily? Can they be interchanged? I know the bindings are not interchangable.
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You can put a RF II plate on pretty much any ski. You might have to play games with the position if all the holes didn't line up perfectly. But it should work just fine.
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That is my question. Does anyone know if the holes for the RF, RF II and/or Speedrail base plates line up? I haven't purchased the bindings yet, but that information would be helpful.
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RF I and RF II use the exact same hole pattern. The bindings aren't interchangeable, but putting a newer base on will use the same holes no problem.
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Awesome!! Is it safe to assume that the Elan and Fischer models are the same as well?
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I believe that the rails are identical across rebrands. Even the binding differences are merely cosmetic.
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