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Atomic skis question.

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Hello, I am a fan of atomic skis because i'm very happy with my SX:B5s, they are great high performance skis for a lot of conditions such as high speed runs on groomers, ice, hard pack. There is pretty much no place where I would not feel confident in the ability of these skis to hold when I point them down the slope at any speed. They give me perfect control, but... When I try to go with friends into the bumpy or deep snow areas they become a burden, trying to go through bumps with these stiff skis is next to impossible it is as if you are trying to turn a rail (they dont bend unless you go fast). What Atomic ski would you guys recommend as a second pair for me that would be more flexible then SX:B5 and would be good for Bumps, powder but would also ski well on the groomers.

Thanks in advance!
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Seems like you ski in the east, groomers, ice, hard pack.

Seems like you need a crudbuster and groomer ski. Since in the east all the "powder" is more like clumps of wet snow. HOWEVER, if I'm reading you wrong, and you like to ski on the groomers in the west (I don't have any experience skiing outside of the east), then you might need a different type of ski.

Well, from Atomic, I'd say to look at the Nomad line, especially the Blackeye, since you seem to be a pretty good skier, so the Blackeyes are good for expert skiers. 79mm underfoot also isn't awful for groomers either, and I hear it's got pretty good edge bite that Atomics are famous for.
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And if you want to go fatter, the Nomad Crimsons are a pretty good option. They are soft enough to handle bumps and powder but have a really good edge hold on groomers. { No, they are not a substitute for SxB5's on ice}.
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I also have a pair of SXB5's and would concur with your desription regarding how they ski. They are in fact hard snow carving skis. Haven't skied the Nomad line, but woulod believe these skis would offer you great versatility in a variety of conditions and be alot better bump skis. Last year in Vail I went up the lift with an older couple that both had the SXB5's and I remarked that I had a pair of those at home and thought they were great but a tough ride in moguls. They both corrected me and felt they were a soft ski and were wonderful in bumps! Anyway, maybe looks are deceiving and this couple could both squat Volkwagens. I just pickd up a pair of K2 Public Enemies for skiing bumps, crud, pow and slush. Demoed them for a few hours and loved them. Probably skis with better groomer performance that still ski pow and bumps.

Great value with last year's model never used unmounted now on ebay for $225.
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