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Salomon toe piece

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My salomon toe pieces seem to allow alot of lateral boot movement before the edging is transfered to the ski.

Any other binding offer a better edging force transfer without flexing?

Or is it just adjustment?
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916 or any other metal race binding will eliminate any slop. What model Salomons?
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I also have these chrome and black toes with a 12 on them on some Mantras......got them from my bro
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As long as you have the wings adjusted tight they shouldn't be that sloppy. Those aren't crap bindings by any means.
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You may not have the toes adjusted right -- there should be no significant slop.
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I'll check it out.....thanks.....I ski in dinosaur era boots so maybe sole wear is a factor.
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I used to use these (various versions of the 912) bindings but found the toe piece adjustment kept coming loose. I switched from Salomon because of this. If you keep them check the adjustment frequently. The toe pieces should just come into contact with the corner of the boot toe if I remember correctly.
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