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ski rentals in Frisco, CO

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I have some friends coming in from the east this Friday who will be renting skis. Will be staying in Frisco and skiing Copper/Summit County. They are intermediate skiers and will probably not go for demo or high performance skis. Any recommendations for good/reasonably priced rentals?
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Precision Ski, across from the Walmart.
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Virgin Island rentals in Dillon, good and real, real cheap.
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thanks, I'll check them out.
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Virgin Island is the cheapest, but their lower-end stuff isn't always in very good condition (from my one experience renting there for visiting family). Haven't ever rented from Precision, but have heard good things from others, and have had good tuning experiences there.
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Thanks again Faisasy. Precision is very near wher we are staying, so I'll probable check them out first (and last as if they are OK I won't go elsewhere)
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