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Way cool video

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Came across this amazing video on youtube. Beautiful skiing and a very interesting video compilation. Never seen anything like it before.

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I think the skier featured is Hisaya Sato... great skiing!
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Paging Highway Star...
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Woah! I was getting kinda dizzy at the end! How did they DO that? That really was cool!
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You can buy software off the shelf that will do that to any digital video you have. Some of the visuals here remind me of the movie '300'.

Have you seen the video of an ostrich skiing?
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The effect was neat for about 20 seconds. Then it got very hard to watch.
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I found my eyes wandering off to the Weather Babe giving her breezy forecast on TV.
A lot of videos I've seen like that have changed the style periodically, going back to pure video, then to silhouettes, then to outlines with no fill, and so on, keeping it interesting and giving the eyes a break by varying the style.
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Ah, Yuki's Signature is more than just a signature.
A quote from this article.
"Nana-korobi ya-oki" (seven failures then success) is a Japanese proverb meaning that a person continues to stand up even if they fail many times.
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