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Originally Posted by NeedToSki View Post
This is painful ... sitting in my office looking up LCC and seeing it socked in. Looks like the snow is continuing to fall at a pretty good rate.

Unfortunately, I can't break away until later today. Save some
sorry dude but I hate to say it but IMO it will be dissappointing this weekend. Heavy wet avy debris is what most of the off trail is like right now.

I am still skiing sunday/monday even ifs it just carving around on groomers.

I think next weekend will be MUCH better.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
I think next weekend will be MUCH better.
I hope you're not just saying that to be nice.

I really hope.
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I saw this on the Snowbird site today:
Congratulations to the Tram and Lifts crew and Doppelmayr CTEC on the early completion of their Tram maintenance project. Snowbird will resume offering skiing and riding from the Tram and extend the ski season through Father’s Day, June 15, conditions permitting. As a result, the Peruvian chairlift and tunnel are now closed for the winter season.
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If your in Utah tram deck at 9am today I will be meeting up with Alpinedad and his daughter.
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I am actually working today but will be there tomorrow and maybe Sunday.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
If your in Utah tram deck at 9am today I will be meeting up with Alpinedad and his daughter.
Which we did. Thanks to Bushwacker for his fantastic guiding this morning. Awesome creamed corn abounds through Mineral Basin and Little Cloud. The only real dark spot is girly-girl's skier's thumb; hopefully, the swelling will stabilize soon.

Those skiing this weekend, I'm wearing a matte black Bern helmet and baby blue Bros with hot pink bases, and my daughter is teleing on pink, orange, and yellow Line Celebrity Minis. We're pretty easy to spot.
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Originally Posted by MattL View Post
BTW It's funny how some of you type exactly like you talk, especially dookey. Must be a Cali thing. Or maybe it's a writer thang.
Hellz ferillaz! (that would be hell yes for real, btw).
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Another great day of corn skiing at the 'Bird. We did a couple of warmup runs with Vince F after he approached us on the tram (hard to miss the Bros and almost 11 year old girl on teles), then played off Bushwacker's sun-following methodology from Friday: start in Mineral, shift left to Baldy (after a too-early jaunt into Little Cloud), finish up on Little Cloud, then a last run skier's left down Mineral so we could take the chair up to avoid hiking and download on the tram.

We almost didn't get a second day at all, though.

Last night, girly-girl and I decided to go down to Sandy for Chinese food for dinner. She and I both had headaches, despite hydrating, which I chalk up to the altitude gain.

As the dinner arrived, she visibly took a turn for the worse, looking positively exhausted. She couldn't eat. We got to-go boxes and headed for the car.

No sooner are we back in the room than she started projectile vomiting. Fortunately, she got herself into the bathroom before much gets anywhere. After five or six rounds -- who counts? -- she gargled a bit to get the taste out of her mouth and took a bath.

While she was in the bath, I went online and verifed what I already knew and feared: vomiting and headaches are both symptoms of altitude sickness, and once symptoms set in, the only real cure is descent. So I was dreading having to pack up all our stuff, cut our pre-paid stay short, find a hotel downhill somewhere, and try get on an earlier plane home.

But as we were talking, I could hear her spirits lifting. She'd gone a while without puking, which was a good sign. So I suggested that we get some sleep, not set the alarm, and in the morning, we'll do whatever she decides she wants to do. (She responds that she doesn't think this means we can drive down to the 7-11 and spend $50 on candy, and I concur.)

This morning, at 7:15, she wakes up, says she's feeling better, and informs me that she wants to go skiing. Without me even asking what she wants to do. And with her skier's thumb black and blue from yesterday.

I'm a really lucky dad.

If you're skiing Snowbird tomorrow and see a just shy of five feet tall girl teleing on a pair of pink, orange, and yellow Line Celebrity Minis, shout out happy birthday to her.
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I was there on this past Saturday. I took a few runs with Aplinedad and his daughter and then caught up with some friends around 10am. Started off the day on my old K2 610's and then switched to Dynastar Contact Limited. Mostly skiied the junk in Mineral from the Bookends. Late in the day skied off of Little Cloud and did the traverse past Road to Provo for more junk. Extremely variable at different places on the mountain. Just go and have fun!
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