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Snowbird in May? whos in?

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Dates to be decided by this thread.

so there was talk about this during the gathering.

Snowbird should have 100 percent of thier world class steeps open well into May, the skiing should be fantastic, just bring some race skis for the morning and some mid to fatties for the afternoon slush fest.

so if think you could do this post the dates you can do it, and we will set the dates to wehenever the most people can be out here.
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I scored a conference in SLC on Monday 4/28. That means travel on Friday, 4/25 and skiing Saturday and Sunday 4/26-27. I can prolly keep up for a half day. Care to show me the goods?
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Might be interested if the whole mountain is still open. I haven't explored the B******* yet. End of April is tentatively OK.

My regular ski buddy (who lives in Sandy too) had his knee scoped last week. He's an Altaholic anyway, so we never ski the 'Bird much.

EDIT: who knew the tunnel was filled with astericks?
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I know that I want to do some skiing in May. I don't know yet what my schedule will be like then.
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You know I'll be there. I had a 20" dump the first weekend in May in 2005. And it stayed untracked for 3 days, crowds were non-existent. Any date after the 2cd is good wth me!

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OK, when? My dad is coming out pretty early in May and doesn't ski, so I'd probably be looking at the first week or so.

So I guess, I'm talking like end of april through May 5th.
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Snowbird's website says they'll stay open daily until May 11, then be open on Fri-Sat-Sun at least through Memorial Day. I would guess that means the whole mountain will be open until May 11. After that, they tend to close a bit of the hill gradually each weekend.

So, I would think this would be good to get done before May 11.
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i'm always down for some Spring Bake action.

the Cali (Tahoe) resorts are being cheeky about closing dates.

most that i've contacted have said "At least through April, but it all depends on the weather". then they tell me to consult their websites, which is grand since non of them post the projected closing dates on the site.

Squaw is "unofficially" looking toward May 31st. I "think" Mammoth is on the same tact.

what about hiking for turns? i swear i've read newspaper articles about folks hiking up into Alta and Bird long after they close.

i figure after hiking from roughly 10k to 12.5k at Taos i'm okay to do a lil more of that.
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After May 10th, that might be doable - and I'm considering it. We'll see. If I know when I could go, I'll post here.
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I'll be out of town from May 4-9...any day before or after...count me in
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I'm tempted. I'm going to a training class starting May 12. I wonder if I could pull off the "change planes in SLC" scam twice in one year?
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I have to be at Snowbird on the 15th for an assesment. It might be fun to hang out before or after.
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I'll be out sometime May. I watch the weather and then decide a day or two in advance.

Here is a really good deal, much better than staying in the valley!

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I usually have had enough of the snow by May, but it looks like it's going to be a long mud season in PC anyway. Once you decide on a date I'll commit.
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Well...snowbird as the $99 stay and ski special for double occupancy....i can't get any buddies to come along so is anyone willing to split this with me? we get 2 free lift tix per day as well....it looks like it'll be open till end of may..so im in anytime..i can take time off work at my earliest convenience
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So is this a dead dog if Bush is splitsville with Snowbird? I was still toying with May 3rd or 4th.
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still split from snowbird, but I still have pass.

you guys pick a date.
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I booked my flights for May 8-11. Anyone else?

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I am still in. Any weekend will be fine. Maybe one day during the week.
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Saturday, May 3rd is firming up for me. The weather report isn't horrible, and will probably change anyway. The tram will be down after the 4th for awhile.
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spikedog PM me if you want to meet up

FYI around a foot of snow for tomorrow anyone want to meet up?
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oh man..another foot? man i wish i could take some time off right now
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I'm still down for a May jaunt, but it would be closer to the end of the month (still farming the spring corn here in Cali).
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I am coming down to the bird this weekend.
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14 inches in the last 24 hours!!!! Mid-mountain depth is 146"
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I'll be down there this weekend, cruising around with my 6-year-old daughter. If any of you guys spot me, please say hi
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Here's my Snowbird instructor buddy's report for Saturday:

As you may have heard, Snowbird got about 24” yesterday. It was dry and soft so you could still feel the bottom, hard. I would guess that the north facing runs, chips, primrose, great scott, etc will still be good early tomorrow along with road to Provo. I not sure how much it will warm, but should get softer by lunch like for Regulator.

No reply from BushPA on my PM. I'm just going to show up at the tram dock at 9 AM - whoever's there is there. Red coat, 6'5", Head Mojo 90's with the snakes.
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It was a nice weekend up there and the snow is still plentiful:

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spikedog where are the pictures?

nice pictures martin
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We gave a shout-out occasionally for you, Martin. I tried to eyeball anyone with a little kid without being too creepy, but it's hard to identify most people with a helmet and goggles in the way. From the pictures it looks like you were right there with us.

I have the pictures loaded on my computer, BWPA. Between watching the Jazz/Laker game on TV and "Ironman" at the multiplex, I didn't get around to it Sunday. Should be up tonight.
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