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Holimont or Holiday Valley???

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Heading out to Ellicotville tomorrow. I heard both offer nice skiing but haven't had them put back to back. Anyone skied both and have a preference?
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If you want some skis to demo..head over to Hollyloft in Jamestown, they have some of my demos if you want to try some Harts.

Oh..ski both
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Both are very good. Holimont is a private club, but open to non members on weekdays. Ski Holimont Friday and the Valley Saturday.

Holiday Valley is bigger has several lodges, better lifts and is more spread out.

Holimont might be a bit more challenging also has a great layout.

It is a coin toss.

I will be at HV tomorrow.

Both will be uncrowded.
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Tossed the coin and ended up at HV. My son had been to Holimont a couple of years ago and enjoyed it so we went the other way for a change. Nice skiing. Hard early due to thaw and overnight freeze. Sun facing runs were nice in the am. A little cool still to get the rest to soften up.

Nice layout at HV. Not much in the way of crowd today in spite of blue skies. Next trip will be to Holimont.

Sorry I didn't make it to Hollyloft, Philpug. I am always game to try new gear. Not much Hart stuff on the Ontario slopes I am afraid.

Thanks for the feedback folks!!
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Glad you liked it.

I did not think it was very hard though.

For some reason the 4 inches in the past day mixed with the granular made for a surface that I thought was unfailable. I was able to layout on my edges and the grip was remarkable. Skis were on rails. Seemed like one of my best days on skis ever.

And it was a nice day!
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You had to pick your spot to avoid the ice. Chute's bumps at the top were bullet proof. Further down not too bad. Facing the sun early was the way to go.

I was spoiled over spring break, the week before last, at Mont Ste Anne and Le Massif. Usually quite icy, but lack of warm weather and many dumps of snow made both resorts REALY soft.

I had a great day at HV all the same. The pic just about sums it up. Having fun in the sun is what it is all about!!
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Skied the Valley today. Bluebird skies, 35 degrees, absolutely no crowds at all and great snow conditions.

Bumps softened up everywhere. Best bump skiing of the year there today.

April 6 closing date. They'll have snow till June though. I've never seen so much base there.
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I need to get there . Only made it there one day back in early Dec.
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I gotta tell ya, for such a sketchy season as we've had this year, I've had some of the best days ever in great conditions at both Holimont and Holiday Valley.
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