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low instep problem

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I have new plug Fischer Soma (130flex).Because in my country is not good bootfitter,I grinding my boot myself.
I need more room at the top of my foot.Soma has low instep for me.Should I have material taken out of the plastic tongue?Or from zeppa?Or from shell under zeppa?I need some help, boot guys.
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Hello arsi, welcome to epicski,

With the plug, you have some room to work with the zeppa, however keep in mind that any change in zeppa height will affect your fore/aft balance.

My first choice for instep room is to pinpoint the prominant bone on the top of your foot, and grind down, or completely remove the plastic material directly over the instep bump.

best practice not to remove material under zeppa or bottom side of zeppa.

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Many thanks Jim.
I worry about thin shell in instep area.
Sorry Jim,but I am newbie
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arsi, i am pretty sure jim is talking about removing material from the plastic of the tongue of the liner [the outermost surface is a firm plastic whcih you can thin down or grind a hole in, this will allow the prominant bone to protrude through or at least push the padding through a little by releasing the surface tension, you can grind a little from the shell in this area but there is not much available
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thanks Colin, that is what I intended.
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