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Oh how I love hockey

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Bad hockey injury last night: "[Kurtis] Foster ... broke his left leg in a collision with San Jose rookie Torrey Mitchell and the boards behind Minnesota's net in the second period. He was expected to undergo surgery to insert a stabilizing rod into his leg, almost certainly ending his season."

The guy had a rod put into a displaced fracture of his femur -- the regular season is over in 2 weeks, the playoffs are over in 2.5 months ... but he's just ALMOST certainly out. Never say never!
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Sounds more like optimistic journalism to me.

Would you want to be checked just 2.5 months after that kind of surgery? SLAM! CRUNCH!
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I broke two bones in my shoulder clean through and was back to skiing in 6 weeks.

I broke my ankle and was back to playing soccer in 7 weeks.

10 weeks for a professional athlete? Eh. Possible. Bones heal fairly quickly, especially compared to soft tissue like ligaments and so forth. I'd rather break every bone in both legs than tear an ACL.
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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post
... broke his left leg in a collision with San Jose rookie Torrey Mitchell.."
Good UVM boy!
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No freakin way will this guy be playing again this year. I played hockey for 30 plus years, both semi pro and adult league. Hockey is all about the thighs. Break the femur? Even with the rod, it's going to be a long process. There may have been blood vessel damage as well. That could cause complications. Muscle atrophy. He'll do well to ba as good as new for next years training camp.
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